Kerbal Space Program 1.0

Kerbal Space Program has reached version 1.0 status.  It gets a glowing review here: Kerbal Space Program review – PC Gamer.

Kerbal Space Program is about building and flying rockets into space. Chances are you already knew that, because it was first released, in alpha, back in 2011. Thanks to the strength of the core sandbox concept, its potential was evident from the start. The added tools and features of subsequent patches have only strengthened the game’s ability to deliver on that initial promise of full space program management and execution. Kerbal Space Program was one of the few Early Access games that I felt comfortable giving an unreserved recommendation. It was brilliant then, and it remains brilliant now that it’s updated to version 1.0 for an official release.

These two videos highlight the launch of KSP 1.o:

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