The Private Space Webseries

The Private Space project, founded by Tamir ElSahy, aims to create a series of documentary films that explore

the intersections of government, entrepreneurs, and citizen scientists in space commercialization across the U.S.

The project recently opened a crowd-funding campaign to complete at least 9 more episodes: The Private Space Webseries by Tamir ElSahy — Kickstarter –

Three initial episodes are available at LifeAssembled Studios – YouTube.  The first “features an interview with California State Sen. Steve Knight, the lead author of California’s Space Flight Liability and Immunity Act“.

The second video features an interview with Dr. Lee Valentine, Chairman of the Space Studies Institute and an early investor in XCOR Aerospace, about commercial spaceflight:

The third video switches to a different type of private space activity – advanced amateur astrophotography – and includes an interview with astrophotographer Adam Block: