Three PhD student researchers in engineering at the University of Leuven (Belgium) founded Their plan is to sell squares on a grid on the side on the side of a small CubeSat spacecraft where companies can place ads or logos and individuals can put personal messages.

SpaceBillboard sells advertisement space on a billboard that will be launched into space on board of a satellite. This will be the first advertisement platform ever to pass the boundary of space. The revenues of this project will be used to sponsor space research at the University of Leuven. But this is not just charity. This unique story will go around the world as well. 

The money raised from the billboards will go for space research:

SpaceBillboard supports innovative space research. More precisely, we want to support research on CubeSats. The first CubeSats were developed as student projects in universities, but by now, space agencies such as NASA and ESA have recognized their potential. But what makes them so special?