Space Access ’15 Conference

The annual Space Access Society conference has long been my favorite space event. Hope to see you at this year’s gathering in Phoenix:

Space Access ’15 Conference April 30th – May 2nd
at the Radisson Hotel Phoenix North

Space Access Society‘s next annual conference on the business, technology, and politics of radically cheaper access to space will feature a cross-section of the growing cheap access community, talking about what’s going on now and what will be happening next, in a fast-paced intensive informal atmosphere, single-track throughout so you don’t have to miss anything.

Confirmed launch-project & space-hardware presenters so far: Altius Space Machines, CubeCab, DARPA ALASA, Exos Aerospace, Frontier Astronautics, Masten Space Systems, Moon Express, Tethers Unlimited, XCOR Aerospace, XL Space Systems, plus sessions on what you’ll need to know to start your own space venture (rocket development safety, 3d printing hype & reality, complex-systems mission-assurance, government regulations, investment climate, NASA Ames and JSC commercial cooperation opportunities), reports on high-end student & amateur projects, talks by famous space writers/bloggers (Jeff Foust, Clark Lindsey, Doug Messier, Rand Simberg, Henry Spencer), and multiple sessions plus a special guest program segment about now that cheap orbital access is near, how do we start affordably taking the next big steps outwards to the Moon, Mars, and beyond?

Space Access conferences have been described as “Hackers” for rocket people, with better content than others costing many times more, two-and-a-half days of total immersion in making the future happen. This year’s edition, SA’15, is just a month away – register for the conference, get those airline tickets booked while they’re still cheap, reserve your room while our hotel still hasn’t filled up, and be there!

For the latest full conference info & agenda, see our SA’15 Info page.

3 thoughts on “Space Access ’15 Conference”

    1. Too bad you can’t make it but I can understand putting Europe as the top travel priority.

      My wife is coming with me for the first time. Will be nice for us to visit sunny Phoenix after a very cold winter here in MD.

      Looks like it will be a fun meeting. Hope to see reports on good progress from many of the companies.

  1. “Hackers” for rocket people could be the starting point to get some of the new venture capitalists coming into the field to build a foundation for keeping the meeting going without interruption into the future. I don’t mean “just” money, I mean some sort of framework to assure this resource can go forward without Henry having to shoulder almost all of the work.

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