Some recent science/science-fiction film items

Some miscellaneous science/science-fiction film related links:

Keri Kukral, Monday, 3-9-15 – Thespaceshow’s Blog – An interview on The Space Show about Raw Science TV and the Raw Science Film Fest Award Winners -Raw Science

Ground Into Sky: The Topology of Interstellar – The Avery Review – One of the winners of the Raw Science Film Fest awards was Caltech cosmologist Kip Thorne who help develop the story for the film Interstellar.  In this post architect Fred Scharmen writes about a recurring theme in the movie of the large rotating in-space habitat in which the ground rises up in the distance to become the sky overhead.

Bryan Singer Tackling Sci-Fi Classic ‘The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress’ for Fox (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter – One of the great classics of science fiction might finally be made into a movie.

So, the new ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer. It’s very… Bob Heinlein. – Moe Lane – From the latest trailer, it appears that Disney’s upcoming movie Tomorrowland has some bits with a classic science fiction look to them:

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  1. Interesting that along with classic “tomorrow” features from ’30’s-’60’s visions they now feel obliged to include steampunk and Dr. Who references in the designs.

    I wonder if Hugh Laurie gets to play his piano also. 🙂

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