Videos: Space Pods – Telescopes

Here are four telescope tutorials from Space Pod correspondent Jared Head

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* Refractor vs. Reflector: Telescopes – Space Pod 04/24/15

Are you a space geek looking to also become an astronomy geek? Space Pod correspondent Jared Head walks you through two of the most common types of telescopes and what each means. What is right for you? Keep watching Fridays for Jared’s segments to find out!

* Through the Looking Glass: Refractors – Space Pod 05/08/15

TMRO Astronomer Jared Head kicks off a 4-part SpacePod series about finding the right telescope, and takes a closer look at refracting telescopes.

* Mirror Mirror: Reflec​tors – Space Pod 05/15/15

Astronomer of TMRO Jared Head continues with the second part of a four-part series on telescopes. He goes into details about the lightbucket telescope design of reflectors.

* Telescope Cats!…Catadioptrics – Space Pod 05/22/15

TMRO Astronomer Jared Head continues with the third installment in a four-part series on telescopes, looking into the weird and wonderful world of catadioptric telescopes.

Sci-Tech: Updates on four alternative fusion power projects

Some items regarding projects involved in alternative approaches to fusion power:

* Dr. Matthew Moynihan will be on The Space Show today to discuss the Polywell system for producing fusion energy:  7-8:30 pm PDT (10-11:30 pm EST, 9-10:30 pm CDT).

* Here’s some news about three fusion projects – General Fusion in Canada,  Helion Energy in Seattle, Washington, and LPP Fusion in Middlesex, New Jersey – Three Small Fusion Companies Approaching a Critical Funding Mass – The Commercial Space Blog

* A longer update on LPP: LPP Focus Fusion Report May 21, 2015 (pdf)

  • Abell Foundation invests additional $200,000 in LPPFusion
  • Fiber-epoxy winding, steel brace added to tungsten cathode
  • Beryllium import permission obtained
  • Dr. Hamid Yousefi returns to Iran, frustrated by immigration rejections

Video: Approach and docking with the ISS as seen from a Soyuz capsule

Below is a cool video showing the approach and docking of a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station on March 27th from the point of view of the astronauts in the spacecraft.

The video shows the last 15 minutes of the docking procedure. Though it’s significantly sped up, the clip lets you appreciate the remarkable 17,000 mph, in-orbit dance that brings the capsule and space station together. The shot was taken from aboard the Soyuz capsule.