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Cosmic Watch – An interactive 3D tool for time and more

Check out the Cosmic-Watch app for Android and Apple:

The Cosmic Watch shows the local time at every location worldwide – just touch the place on the depicted globe to indicate the time. The watch is also an astronomical navigator, an armillary sphere (machine of the world), a radix chart, time travel machine, solar system simulator and eclipse detector.

It’s an app that models the Earth, the solar system, and most of the familiar constellations in 3D specifically as they relate to both real time and any point in the past. The COSMIC WATCH is also a fun learning tool to explore the relation between time and the celestial dynamics.

BINARY SPACE SpaceTraveler mission simulator now includes OSIRIS-REx

An update to the SpaceTraveler Solar System & Space Missions Simulator at BINARY SPACE now includes the OSIRIS-REx mission to the asteroid Bennu, which just launched this month. (See  the posting OSIRIS-REx to return sample of asteroid Bennu.)




Note that SpaceTraveler is not a game type of simulator but an educational tool to investigate the flights of actual spacecraft missions via their orbital trajectory and maneuvering data.

Deep Sky Objects Browser

Sebastián García Rojas points me to his Deep Sky Objects Browser –

The site was born as a necessity of answering questions such as “which galaxies rise at least 40 degrees above the horizon for 2 hours between 10pm and 2am at my location”? but it has gradually become more complete. It nows includes:
* Search for DSOs fine-tuning your criteria:
* Create an online observing list
* Share your astrophotography unlimitedly and for free – similar to Astrobin but nicer and free –
* Check a Virtual Sky Map in your browser – similar to Stellarium, less powerful but online to check from any computer without installing anything –
* Get reminders for specific objects – e.g. “send me an e-mail when Andromeda Galaxy is best seen at 10pm from my location”.
* Check Sun, Moon and planetary rise/transit/set times –
* Check the Moon monthly and yearly calendars –
* Save your usual locations and get monthly suggestions tailored for you.
I’m constantly working on the site, adding more features and everything is and will always be free 🙂
Check out Sebastian’s Deep Sky Objects Browser –
Screen capture of DSO Browser home page.

BINARY SPACE Satellite Tracking Tool available as free Win 10 app

BINARY SPACE’s Satellite Tracking Tool is now available as a free app for Windows 10: SpaceTracker™ – Windows Games on Microsoft Store

The SpaceTracker™ is a 2D/3D real-time satellite tracking application. It allows you to determine the current position of most Earth-centric satellites currently in orbit and also features location pass & interlink predictions. It can even help you to setup your TV antenna dish.

Windows 10 users should run this new version. The previous version used Microsoft’s Silverlight graphics system.


Update: BINARY SPACE chief Adrian Wenz tells me that a nice new feature of the SpaceTracker™ is its support for live tiles:

If you pin the app to the start menu (see lower right corner [of the screen capture below], right to ‘Minecraft’) it will periodically show you the position of any desired satellite. By default, it comes-up with positional information about the ISS, but you can choose any satellite via the ‘Favorites’ panel (-> ‘Star’ symbol). For large/wide tiles you can specify up to 4 satellites to be monitored. These tiles are updated even if the app is not open (via background tasks).

To pin the app to the start menu: Open the ‘All apps’ group, scroll to the letter ‘S’ and right-click on the ‘SpaceTracker™’ icon.


Solaris Sky Calendar

Check out the new Solaris Sky Calendar:

Solaris Sky Calendar is an astronomy calendar app that shows you upcoming celestial events.

With it, you would never miss the next meteor shower, lunar eclipse, planet conjunction or one of hundreds of other events happening in the night sky right over your head.

It’s a beautiful handcrafted experience with lots of hidden gems that would open a grand and awesome Universe we live in.


It s available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. See the Solaris Sky Calendar on the App Store