CubeSat Weekend (UK) – learn to develop & launch a satellite

The UK Satellite Applications Catapult organization is hosting the CubeSat Weekend in Oxfordshire:

CubeSat Weekend: 29th-30th March 2014

The growth in the number of CubeSats being launched and operated to create new businesses and services is phenomenal. This is stimulating a range of new applications to be developed that can build upon near real time imagery through to novel communications solutions.

Do you want to understand how to develop and launch a satellite?

The CubeSat weekend will allow members of the public to work together to design, build and balloon launch a flight ready CubeSat engineering model, and a flight model suitable for launch into low earth orbit.

The purpose of the weekend is to demonstrate that amateur groups with no experience of spacecraft design or assembly can design, build and fly. Participants are invited to register teams of two to five members each, to build and test the CubeSat.