More on Asteroid 2014 DA14 and the Chelyabinsk meteor

NASA’s Asteroids and Comets web site has a lot of good info about both the flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14 and the meteor fireball over central Russian.

* NASA – Asteroid 2012 DA14 as Seen from Siding Spring, Australia:


* Near-Earth Asteroid Makes Preview Appearance –  a report and another GIF of the flyby
* Asteroid 2012 DA14 – Earth Flyby Reality Check – videos, trajectory diagrams and Q&A


A NASA report on the Chelyabinsk meteor event: NASA – Russia Meteor Not Linked to Asteroid Flyby

This non-NASA site posts a nice infographic comparing asteroids that flew near or into earth: Comparing the Russian Meteor to Tunguska and Yesterdays Near Miss Asteroid –

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