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Int. Space Development Conference (ISDC 2013) – over 20 exhibitors

A message from the National Space Society and the International Space Development Conference:

Over 20 Exhibitors To Present At
International Space Development Conference

Washington DC – May 13, 2013 – Space advocacy organizations, educational institutions, and companies from around the world are among the 22 groups that will be presenting as exhibitors at this year’s International Space Development Conference. ISDC 2013 is the annual conference of the National Space Society and a premier event for space leaders and enthusiasts.  Attendees will celebrate “Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space” from May 23 – 27 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine hotel in San Diego, CA.

The list of registered exhibitors includes:

  • The International Space University, a graduate-level institution providing education and training to future leaders of the emerging global space community since 1987
  • Janet’s Planet, an Emmy-award-winning children’s educational television show airing on more than 140 public television stations nationwide
  • Space Micro, a San Diego-based company providing radiation-hardened space electronics products to NASA, the US Air Force, and other space groups
  • Yuri’s Night, a global non-profit celebrating humanity’s past, present and future in space each April at hundreds of parties and events around the world
  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), a student-run organization with over 30 chapters doing education and outreach to promote space exploration
  • Nanosatisfi, a Bay Area space startup offering convenient, affordable, on-demand access to space via shared satellites

“We’re very excited that such a diverse set of organizations will be presenting to the world at this year’s ISDC,” said ISDC Exhibits Coordinator Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto. “We’ve completely filled up our exhibitor hall, and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody in San Diego later this month.”

Register now for the International Space Development Conference, which includes astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as confirmed speakers. For more information, please contact Dave Dressler at

It’s still not too late to become an ISDC 2013 sponsor.  Please consider a customized sponsorship opportunity. Promote name and brand recognition of your organization throughout the conference. Showcase your support of Space Development.  Help us make this conference extraordinary.

About the National Space Society:  NSS is an independent, educational, membership, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. NSS is widely acknowledged as the preeminent citizen’s voice on space, with thousands of members and supporters, and over 50 chapters in the United States and around the world. The Society publishes Ad Astra magazine, an award-winning periodical chronicling the most important developments in space. To learn more, visit

New Canadian $5 banknote makes debut on ISS

On Tuesday on the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield display a new Canadian $5 banknote that includes an image of the Canadian-built robotic arm used on the station:


In a live videostream from the International Space Station to the Bank of Canada’s Ottawa head office, CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield revealed the new Canadian $5 bank note that proudly features Canadian space robotics achievements Canadarm2 and Dextre. Also on hand for this historic announcement were Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney and Chairman of the Board at VIA Rail Canada, Paul G. Smith, who was present for the unveiling of the new $10 note. Credit: CSA/NASA

Starship Century Symposium 2013 – May 21 – 22, UC San Diego

Here’s an announcement for the Starship Century Symposium 2013:

Starship Century

Is this the century we begin to build starships?

Why go to the Stars?

Can we?

Should We?

May 21 – 22, UC San Diego, Qualcomm Institute, Atkinson Hall Auditorium

Starship Century is a symposium coordinated by the new Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination in collaboration with Gregory and James Benford, presenting ideas from their anthology of science and science fiction.

  • Scientists address the challenges and opportunities for our long‐term future in space, with possibilities envisioned by: Freeman Dyson, Paul Davies, Peter Schwartz, John Cramer and Robert Zubrin.
  • Science fiction authors Neal Stephenson, Allen Steele, Joe Haldeman, Gregory Benford, Geoffrey Landis and David Brin discuss the implications that these trajectories of exploration might have upon our development as individuals and as a civilization.

Update April.28.13: The leader of a project at NASA Johnson Space Center who is investigating the possibility that warping space to achieve faster than light travel (see article Warp Factor – Popular Science) will present an update at this meeting: 2013 Starship Congress Speaker Announcement – Dr Harold “Sonny” White: “Warp Field Physics: An Update” –  Icarus Interstellar

Int. Space Development Conference (ISDC), May 23-27, San Diego

A message from the National Space Society about their next annual ISDC meeting (May 23-27 in San Diego, California):

ISDC 2013 Will Be The ‘Must-Attend’ Space Event This Year!

NSS members know that the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the foremost space conference that brings together all subsets of the space community: the traditional and commercial aerospace industries, NASA and space activists from around the world. And this year, ISDC goes to the west coast to San Diego, California!

The theme of this year’s conference, Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space, relates directly to the NSS vision of globally bringing together “people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity.” Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space reflects our need to strive for renewed emphasis on collaborative efforts that engage global space exploration and development in the post-Shuttle era and help leverage NASA’s efforts due to current budgetary challenges.

While the primary focus of the conference will be looking at advances in space exploration, development and settlement, we will also highlight our global efforts at the Governors Dinner & Gala on Friday evening, at which we will honor the work of India’s former President and a leading aerospace scientist/engineer – Dr. Abdul Kalam – with the National Space Society’s prestigious Von Braun Memorial Award.  Participants can also look forward to meeting science and engineering team members from the successful GRAIL Moon gravity mapping mission, X-37 B space plane, and the inspiring “seven minutes of terror” CURIOUSITY Mars landing team.  Saturday night’s dinner banquet will honor the Women of Space – women engineers and astronauts.

The ISDC 2013 Planning Committee has put together an impressive list of confirmed speakers and presenters and a comprehensive program. Confirmed speakers and VIPs include: Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, last space shuttle Commander Christopher Ferguson, shuttle astronaut and director of the “100 Year Starship” project Dr. Mae Jemison, Congressman Dana Robrabacher of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, Ian O’Neill from Discovery News, Planetary Resources Chris Lewicki, and Deep Space Industries’ Rick Tumlinson.

Programming includes sessions and tracks on everything from current Administration initiatives and outlook on the U.S. space program after the shuttle, to the exciting developments coming from commercial aerospace companies aimed at closing the current manned spaceflight gap; from Mars, Moon, asteroid and exoplanet exploration and development to the latest technological advances that will enable a longer-term and, eventually, permanent human presence in space.

Be sure to visit the official ISDC website for all of the latest information and to register today!

Space Policy : NRC examines public view of human spaceflight + Upcoming space events

A National Research Council (NRC) panel will meet this week to discuss the public’s view of human spaceflight : New NRC Panel on Public Opinion About Human Spaceflight to Meet April 5 –

The National Research Council’s (NRC’s) Committee on Human Spaceflight and one of its two supporting panels have had several meetings already, but on Friday, April 5, the second supporting panel will meet for the first time.  This panel is focused on the topic of public and stakeholder opinions about human spaceflight.


A list of space policy related events this week: Space Policy Events of Interest: April 1-5, 2013

And here is a giant collection of space related events happening in April: Space Conference News: Events for April 2013.