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Proposals, speculation, etc regarding the future of space and humanity’s place in it.

ISEC Space Elevator Conference, Aug.23-25, Seattle, WA

The ISEC Space Elevator Conference  will take place August 23-25 at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

Online Registration is open until August 18, 2013.

The Technical Program will run from Friday, August 23, 2013 through Sunday, August 25, 2013:

  • Space Elevator Overview Presentation: The popular conceptual design
  • Presentations on Tether Climbers: The theme and main focus of this year’s conference
  • The Strong Tether ChallengeCanceled this year due to lack of competitors
  • Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Research: Latest progress in high strength CNT research
  • Various Workshop on Space Elevator Feasibility:  Multiple workshops throughout the conference on various space elevator topics.
  • SE Impact on the Future: Transformations enabled by the SE – space exploration, resource utilization, and more
  • Shotgun Science Session: Ideas not ready for prime time: rapid sequence, 5 minutes each

On Saturday 24th, there will be a one day Family Science Fest.

The Space Elevator Conference presents the third annual Family Science Fest on Saturday, August 24. This day-long, family-friendly event has something for everyone and you’ll have the entire museum to explore, top to bottom. Local companies, organizations, schools and universities will offer hands-on activities, displays and demonstrations with the focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Roam the museum’s Side Gallery and watch teams compete in a special robotics competition; visit Robot Alley and the Gadget Gallery; participate in a special STEM Scavenger Hunt; learn about the Space Elevator and its importance to mankind at Space Elevator 101 and 201 presentations. This event is included in the Museum of Flight admission price.


Space Elevator Conference in August + CLIMB Vol. 2 now available

Registration is open for the ISEC Space Elevator Conference, August 23-25, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.


The second issue of the CLIMB – The Space Elevator Journal is now on sale : Volume 2 of CLIMB now available! – The Space Elevator Blog


CLIMB – Vol.2/Num.1

  • This is the second issue of CLIMB. It contains 6 peer-reviewed articles, the paper which earned an “Honorable Mention” in the 2011 Artsutanov Prize competition, a recounting of the history of the Space Elevator by none other than co-inventor Jerome Pearson and much more.
  • Editor-in-Chief: Ted Semon
  • Technical Review Lead: Ben Shelef
  • Publication date: July, 2013
  • A print copy of this Journal can be purchased for $14.99 (plus shipping & handling) from Visiting this site also allows you to see a preview of the Journal. A pdf version of Volume 2 will be available shortly.


Video: Freeman Dyson talks about mandatory cheapness, Noah’s Ark Eggs, warm-blooded plants, and more

I’ve been watching some of the many excellent videos from the Starship Century Symposium. For example, the video below shows Freeman Dyson‘s very interesting talk in which he first discussed key factors in  opening up the solar system to humanity in the coming decades and then moving out into interstellar space in the coming centuries. Lots of fascinating ideas presented. I particularly liked his emphasis on “cheapness” for space transports and other space hardware because affordability is crucial if large scale migration into and development of the solar system is to ever take place.