Chinese scientist promotes military aspects of lunar program

Ziyuan Ouyang‘s views on a military role for the Moon seems like a throwback to the 1950s at the start of the Space Race : China Chief Lunar Scientist Ouyang Notes Moon Military Uses – Lunar Enterprise Daily :

In Speech At Shenzhen City People’s Culture Hall On 13 October 2013, Prof Ziyuan Ouyang, Senior / Chief Lunar Scientist At NAOC / Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Noted: “To Carry Out Lunar Exploration Project Has Four Major Reasons: The Moon Has A Major Military Strategic Position, Will Become A Contemporary Space Warfare Military Platform …”, And Many Other Vital Resources And Assets; Statement Likely To Need Resolution With American Apollo Spirit “In Peace For All”

Ouvang is the chief scientist for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program , which intends to land the Chang’e 3 rover on the Moon later this year.

Frankly, it’s silly to claim the Moon can offers any benefits to the Chinese military, particularly as long as space transportation costs are so absurdly expensive. And nothing China is currently doing in rocketry will lead to lower costs. I expect his comments are primarily to attract funding for the lunar program.

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  1. Dang it, he’s just giving ammunition to the Americans whose constant refrain is “we must beat the Chinese to the moon!” despite the fact that we beat them there by decades.

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