Final day for Planetary Resources Arkyd public space telescope Kickstarter

A message from Chris Lewicki of Planetary Resources :

The Final Day and one EPIC closing finale.

24 hours remain to join the ARKYD cause.

Tune in with us at 3:00 PM PT [Sunday] (convert to your time) to close the campaign with us.

We are going ALL OUT for this event.  What does “ALL OUT” mean?

  • A Tesla Cannon.
  • 3D Printed Rocket Nozzles.
  • Free Add-Ons Every Half Hour.
  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy, in a Bow Tie.
  • Special support for ARKYD from the one and only Sir Richard Branson.

And if you have pledged:
Share with your friends.  Your neighbors.  And your neighbors pets, random strangers, grad students, online stalkers, Klingons, grandparents, mantis shrimp, and Japanese Party Goers.  Because they too deserve to pledge and be part of history.

If you have NOT pledged:
Pledge. This is Your Last Chance to Join the Movement and Open Space for

To paraphrase GeekDad Tim Bailey: Do good for the planet AND wield cosmic power at the same time.

Pledge and be part of this historic journey with us.

Chris Lewicki
Chief Asteroid Miner

Planetary Resources logo


Live webcast at  Planetary Resources ARKYD Kickstarter Finale – YouTube