FISO: METERON and its related robotics Technologies at ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Lab

The latest presentation to the Future In-Space Operations (FISO) study group is now posted in the FISO Working Group Presentations Archive. The  slides and videos (zip) and audio (mp3) are available for the talk, METERON and its Related Robotics Technologies at ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Lab – Part 2,  André Schiele , Delft Univ of Technology & ESA/ESTEC – May 29, 2013.

A zip file is used this time since the

presentation by André Schiele includes a pdf, and a set of 8 short mp4 videos. When you open the pdf, you will be pointed to these videos (by number, as in “Video1 – EXARM / PA10 Telerobotics Workcell”) which you can open by clicking on the mp4 file by that name, OR by calling them up by clicking on the YouTube link on the page, if you happen to be internet-connected. These videos will NOT automatically launch in the pdf document.

Here are a couple of the videos from the TeleroboticsLab YouTube channel: