Space policy roundup – Oct.12.2020

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):

International space


** Discussing Chinese Satcom Constellations with Lan TianyiDongfang Hour – Chinese aerospace and technology

LAN Tianyi is the CEO of Ultimate Blue Nebula and SpaceKey, two Beijing-based firms focusing on satellite/space industry consulting & research. Having spent several years working inside China’s state-owned space apparatus (largely at CAST and its subsidiaries), Tianyi branched off on his own in 2014, and has since been consulting with many of China’s most successful and dynamic commercial space companies. Today, in addition to his two companies, Tianyi is actively involved in the China Satellite Conference, an annual event in Beijing, as well as Satellite World, a Chinese satellite news publication. On today’s episode, we discuss communications constellations. This year has seen a significant acceleration in the rollout of western low Earth orbit (LEO) communications constellations, with the most obvious example being Starlink. Less publicly, Chinese constellation projects have made steady progress throughout the year, and while we are unlikely to see any Chinese constellation with hundreds of satellites in orbit by year-end, there is much to discuss about these projects.

** Jessy Kate Schingler: Civilization on the Moon — and what it means for life on Earth | TED Talk

We could realistically see people starting to live and work on the Moon in the next decade — and how we do it matters, says space policy researcher Jessy Kate Schingler. In this fascinating talk, she discusses the critical issues that arise when we consider civilization in outer space — such as governance, property rights and resource management — and shows how the Moon can be a template for solving our biggest challenges here on Earth.


** E36 – Sanctuary to Contested Domain – National Security Space Policy (with Robin Dickey, Gen Lance Lord, and Robert Bell)Aerospace Corp – Center for Space Policy & Strategy (CSPS)

** Moriba Jah – What To Improve In Space Situational Awareness – CSP S02E66Cold Star Technologies – YouTube

Dr. Moriba Jah, professor at the University of Texas at Austin, past navigator for many missions to Mars, and space situational awareness expert returns to the Cold Star Project. With host Jason Kanigan, Dr. Jah digs deeper into the challenges of space object identification, tracking and orbital prediction, including: – Why is it a problem that satellite orbit pathing predictions assume a spheroid shape? What issues does this create? – What can we do to improve the predictive ability of satellite pathing calculations? Why do we need to improve this accuracy–what’s the rush, what’s driving this need? …

** 85- The Need to Defend Space, Operating from a Position of Strength and the Tyranny of VolumeConstellations Podcast – YouTube

Constellations is grateful that Major General John E. Shaw took the time recently to speak about Space Domain Awareness (SDA) and the Battlespace on the podcast. Listen to Major General Shaw discuss the purpose of the U.S. Space Force and why it was stood up last year (hint… you can’t do modern warfare today without space capabilities). Major General Shaw talks about the need to be able to defend capabilities in space and to prepare for a war that extends into space. Space never sleeps and with the Major General overseeing operations around the world, he has been staying busy ensuring space capabilities are where they are needed at all times. Learn about the value of working hand in hand with allies and commercial partners and how Major General Shaw envisions leveraging commercial capabilities for global space operations.

** October 6, 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

** October 9, 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

** The Space Show – Sunday – Oct.11.2020 – An open lines discussion among David and callers touched on a wide array of news topics, space policy issues, etc.

** The Space Show – Friday – Oct.9, 2020Dr. Geoffrey Landis and David had a “Mars, lunar and commercial exploration discussion covering a wide range of topics including both government and private missions”.

** Monday – Oct.5, 2020 –  James Burk of The Mars Society previewed the virtual Mars Society Conference that will take place October 15-19.


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