Audio: Recent space podcasts – SpaceX, Freeman Dyson, wormholes, Martian dust storms, and more

Here is a selection of recent space related audio webcasts starting with Bob Zimmerman on the John Batchelor radio show. Be sure to support Bob with his annual fund-raising campaign now underway.

Check out Bob’s periodic updates on what is happening with the Mars rovers and with the Sun, e.g.

** Mat Kaplan of the Planetary Society’s radio program recently had a fascinating interview with Freeman Dyson, a theoretical physicist, mathematician and all around deep thinker: A Conversation with Freeman Dyson | The Planetary Society

** University of Washington physics professor emeritus Dr. John Cramer talked with David Livingston this week about interstellar propulsion schemes, wormholes for getting around the universe, connecting quantum mechanics and general relativity, and many other fun topics in a manner that a non-scientist can follow: The Space Show – Mon, 06/25/2018 – 14:00

** Dr. Anita Sengupta is an aerospace engineer who led many projects at NASA JPL, including the Cold Atom Laboratory on the ISS, and is now working on development of a Hyperloop transport system. She spoke with David on Friday : The Space Show – Fri, 06/29/2018 – 09:00 

** The latest episode of the Talking Space Podcast covered several topics including Opportunity rover enduring the massive dust storm on Mars, the SpaceX CRS-15 cargo mission to the ISS, and recent launches by China, Japan, and Russa : Episode 1005: #SaveOppy?

** More about the dust-up on Mars at the WeMartians program: 44 – Ashes to Ashes, Clay to Dust (feat. Mark Lemmon) – WeMartians Podcast

There’s a serious Global Dust Storm happening right now on Mars. Several regional storms have kicked up a tremendous amount of dust into the skies, blocking out the sun and jeopardizing the Opportunity rover’s safety. But despite the threat, this is a great chance to do some science on Mars weather. Jake is joined by Space Science Institute’s Mark Lemmon to discuss these storms formation and what we’re learning from them.

** Anthony Colangelo discusses the implications of SpaceX winning a major USAF launch contract for the Falcon Heavy rocket: Episode T+86: Falcon Heavy Wins AFSPC-52 – Main Engine Cut Off