Videos: TMRO Orbit 11.12 – “Humanity amongst the starts with Isaac Arthur” + TMRO Science: Bionic Future

Here is the latest episode of the weekly Space program: Humanity amongst the stars with Isaac Arthur – Orbit 11.12 – TMRO:

Futurist Isaac Arthur joins the cast of TMRO to talk about humanities future amongst the stars as well as living in a simulation, faster than light communication and galactic intelligence.

Updates on launches and space news:


Falcon 9 Launches SES-12
Long March 3A Launches Fengyun -2H
Soyuz Launches new Space Station Crew

Space News:

Curiosity Confirms Complex Organics on Mars
Northrop Grumman completes Orbital ATK acquisition
Pluto Has Sand Dunes, But They’re Made of Methane

TMRO is viewer supported:

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And here is the latest Science program: Our bionic future – Discovery 1.06 – TMRO

Lisa, Jade and Athena discuss the past and future of prosthetic enhancements to the human body. How advanced have they become? Should we be upgrading ourselves past normal human limits? Leave your comments below and continue the conversation!


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