Videos: TMRO Orbit 11.11: Why we need to humanize space exploration + 11.10: Searching for Skylab

The latest episode of Space is now available: Space: Why we need to humanize space exploration – Orbit 11.11

This week Lisa chats to Dr Niamh Shaw about her new theatre show ‘Diary of a Martian Beekeeper’ and why we need to include the humanities in space exploration.

News topics and launches covered:

Microbe That Could Survive On Enceladus
Lightfoot to retire as Bridenstine nomination stalled
S-2 Is Single and Ready to Mingle…With Our SMBH
International interest for Lunar Gateway grows

Long March 2 Launches LKW-4


And here is the previous week’s episode: Searching for Skylab updates – Orbit 11.10 – TMRO

This week Jared gets an update from Dwight Steven-Boniecki about the upcoming documentary “Searching for Skylab”, including some exclusive sneak peaks from the film!

News topics and Launches covered:

Interstellar donuts
World’s First Air Breathing Electric Thruster Tested
Schrödinger in Space

SpaceX Launches Hispasat 30W-6
Soyuz Launches O3b Satellites

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