Videos: 2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop

The Space Studies Institute (SSI) recently posted videos of talks given at a workshop last fall co-hosted by The Aerospace Corp on topics related to exotic propulsion concepts and experiments such as those involved with the Mach Effect and EM Drive:

Here is a sampling:

** Marc Millis, Founder of The Tau Zero Foundation, former head of NASA’s visionary Breakthrough Propulsion Physics project, presents “Playful Thought Experiments About Breakthrough Spacedrives

** Heidi Fearn, Professor of Physics at The California State University Fullerton, Space Studies Institute NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Team Principle Investigator and SSI Senior Associate presents “The Mach Effect Gravitational Assist Drive

** Raymond Chaio, Professor Emeritus at The University of California, Merced, Co-Author of “Quantum Optics“, Editor of “Amazing Light: A Volume Dedicated To Charles Hard Townes On His 80th Birthday” and Co-Editor of “Visions of Discovery: New Light on Physics, Cosmology, and Consciousness” – “The Dynamical Casimir Effect and the Possibility of Laser-Like Generation of Gravitational Radiation.”

** John G. Cramer – Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Washington, Author of “The Quantum Handshake: Entanglement, Nonlocality and  Transactions” and the Science Fiction novels “Twistor” and  “Einstein’s Bridge” – “The Quantum Handshake Explored”

Update: Saw this video this evening. Fun to watch Jansson’s enthusiasm and openness about an usual experimental phenomena they have seen repeatedly. I expect, though, they will turn out to be an instrumentation error of some sort.

** Dr. Peter M. Jansson – Associate Professor of Engineering at Bucknell University, President of Integrated Systems – “An Empirical Pursuit of Mach’s Principle: Experimental Results Indicating a ‘Machian’ Inertial Reaction Force is Detectable and Electromagnetic.”