Student CubeSat Structures Competition – National Space Society and EXOS Aerospace

The National Space Society‘s Enterprise in Space, a “NewSpace education” initiative, and EXOS Aerospace are sponsoring the student CubeSat Structures Competition –

Experiments that fly in space need a structure to hold them. These structures can be of many shapes and sizes depending on the type of rocket that will take them to space. To mark the first steps of the collaboration between the National Space Society’s Enterprise In Space (EIS) program and EXOS Aerospace Systems and Technologies, Corp. and the initiative to send hundreds of student experiments into space, we are offering this worldwide search to find the perfect CubeSat structure! 

Whether you create your CubeSat using 3-D printing, innovative technologies, or new types of materials, you will have fun meeting the challenge of creating a lightweight, strong and easy to duplicate CubeSat. If your design is chosen in the semifinalist design challenge, you will be given the opportunity to build the structure and send it to EXOS for evaluation.

Applicants must be students 18 years or older. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 1, 2018.

More at CubeSat Structures Competition Opens Space Design to Students of the World – National Space Society Blog.


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