Videos: SpaceX Falcon 9 launches 10 satellites & booster lands on droneship

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched ten Iridium NEXT satellites on Monday from Vandenberg AFB on the California coast. The first stage booster landed on a floating platform at sea, becoming the 17th successful landing either at sea or on land.

A video of the liftoff and first few minutes of the launch:

This shows scenes of the booster landing at about 1:30:

Here is a video showing some of the satellites being deployed from the upper stage of the rocket:

Here is a photo of the launch taken by Anthony Galván III :

The view through heavy cloud cover 50 miles for the launch site provided a dramatic effect of the booster engine’s flames illuminating the clouds from the launch site and a small opening to see the rocket for a few seconds.

This video was taken from about 100 miles from Vandenberg but is still quite impressive, especially when the booster separates from the upper stage and fires its booster to return to earth at around 2:40 :

Here is the full SpaceX webcast: