Video: The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo – “Griffith Observatory with Tim Russ”

Here is the latest of the Planetary Society‘s series The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo:

Star parties are magical events where one can observe the wonders of our night sky…and have a surprise Star Trek: Voyager reunion. Also, news about seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a red dwarf star, plus learn how you can help prevent an asteroid impact disaster.


And here is the latest episode of Planetary Radio: Planetary Radio Live: Near Earth Objects—The Killer Asteroid Threat | The Planetary Society

Leaders of the quest to find, understand and protect ourselves from the asteroids and comets called Near Earth Objects gathered with host Mat Kaplan for a live conversation about this existential threat from space. This special episode presents excerpts of that lively discussion with JPL Senior Research Scientist Amy Mainzer, Manager of NASA/JPL’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies Paul Chodas, and NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson. Also on stage was Planetary Society Director of Science and Technology Bruce Betts. Bruce stayed for this week’s What’s Up segment.