‘The Year in Space Calendars’ for 2016

As the Christmas shopping season opens, here is my annual advice: Include The Year In Space calendars in your gift list. The calendars are published in co-operation with the Planetary Society and contain a marvelous selection of astronomy and space exploration images.

2016C_calendar_images_1333x1000The wall calendar includes great space images and lots of info about
astronomy, space science and exploration.

My wife has used her spiral-bound Year-in-Space desk calendar book for many years:

Virtual-Calendar_2_2223x2489The Desk calendar both looks great and is useful
for keeping appointments.

It includes:

  • 53 full-page weekly calendars
  • 16 half-page monthly calendars
  • 2 full-year planning calendars
  • 1 four-year long-range calendar
  • Daily Moon-phase calendars

And  it is nicely made:

  • 6″ x 9″ closed, 9″ x 12″ open
  • 136 pages, spiral bound
  • Art-quality matte finish paper (easy to write on)
  • 53 full-page full-color glossy space images
  • 4 pages for personal directory
  • 4 blank note pages

Order your Year in Space Calendars today online:


Note that a new membership in the Planetary Society is offered at a discount for those buying a calendar.