“COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Wooden Toys” from Huzi Design

The young company Huzi Design has combined Beech wood, powerful magnets, and some imagination to create an elegant collection of space toys: Spaceship Building Blocks For Budding Rocket Scientists – gizmodo.com


Unfortunately, they are not available yet but you can make them happen and also obtain your own collection by supporting their crowd-funding campaign: COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Wooden Toys by huzi — Kickstarter

No blinking lights. No complicated electronics. No forgettable plastic toys that end up in garbage dumps.

Instead, we set out with the ambition to create toys loaded with meaning like imagination and simplicity. Toys that are long-lasting in both meaning and quality, so beautiful that kids and grownups will want to keep forever. Classic toys, reinvented. Simple values, restored.