“Project Tool” – science fiction film in development

Last summer I wrote about Project TOOL “A cinematic role playing game in development”. The TOOL group now has a new crowd-funding campaign underway to support the making of a film based on the scenario and themes explored in the game:  Project Tool by WARP — Kickstarter

A revolutionary Science Fiction film that aims to explore the meaning of life and our role in the universe.

Project Tool is a movie that aims to explore the origins of life and our attempts at understanding why it exists. At its core, it’s a film that will stay true to the foundations and principles of Science Fiction as a genre. We’re a small but very ambitious independent studio – our goal is to make a film that perfectly embodies humanity’s never ending quest to search for answers to the questions that our vast universe poses. Project Tool will be a mix of CGI and live action set pieces, and we’ve set a reasonable budget that will enable us to complete this film.

We believe that raising funds through crowd-funding is the best way to fund our endeavor, because it allows us to have full creative freedom, and allows us to deliver a movie that is true to our supporters. We need your help to make Project Tool, so please contribute to our fund raising campaign and share our project.