The John Bachelor Show : Space News from Bob Zimmerman

On Tuesday evening Bob Zimmerman gave his latest space news update on the John Batchelor radio program: Tues 7/23/13 Hr 3 – John Batchelor Show (podcast)

The topics included:

  1. Spacesuit soap opera: NASA still doesn’t know what caused the leak, and is rushing spare parts to Russia to try to get them on a Progress scheduled for launch Saturday.
  2. One of the salvaged Saturn 5 engines from the bottom of the Atlantic has been confirmed to come from Apollo 11.
  3. Boeing unveils the interior of its CST-100 manned capsule.
  4. SpaceX confirms that they will use their new upgraded engines on their first commercial launch of the Falcon 9 Sept 5.
  5. The continuing problems of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Rockethub: Fly Student Experiment Mission to ISS 2014

Joe Latrell sends me a heads up on the TIS Rockethub crowdfunding campaign for education projects including a student experiment on the ISS:

New, Exciting Things Happening On Teachers In Space Rockethub Campaign!

Rockethub Campaign Begins Its Second Week!

Don’t let time get away from you and miss this opportunity to help send a student experiment to the International Space Station; support nation-wide teacher development; support student STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education;  and support ALS research and patients all at the same place and time, with just a few easy clicks! The second video is now up on the project link! New information about Skype sessions and birthday parties is up in project updates section and comments section! Visit the project link now at:

Space policy roundup – July.23.13

Some space policy items today: