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Videos: “Space to Ground” ISS report – June.22.2018 + A music video for Scott Tingle

Here is the latest Space to Ground report from NASA on this week’s activities related to the International Space Station:

Here is a music video from NASA astronaut Scott Tingle’s son who

wrote, produced, and sent to him in space the song “To Touch the Stars” in honor of his family’s journey to reach his dreams.

Tingle played guitar at a professional level in a band as a young man. He returned to earth  on June 3rd after 6 months on the ISS.

Here is a NASA video about eating in space:

Astronauts on the International Space Station get food that’s carefully chosen for its nutritional value and specially prepared and packaged to be easily accessible to them in a weightless world on orbit. Could the same food feed the needs of people stuck on planet Earth? We conducted an experiment to find out how well two regular people could get by eating only astronaut food for a full week—a week that included a holiday weekend feast, just to up the difficulty factor. Could they resist the lure of their favorite foods? Take a look at how they fared…

How to navigate in space by the stars: Deep Space Navigation: Tool Tested as Emergency Navigation Device | NASA

A tool that has helped guide sailors across oceans for centuries is now being tested aboard the International Space Station as a potential emergency navigation tool for guiding future spacecraft across the cosmos. The Sextant Navigation investigation tests use of a hand-held sextant aboard the space station. 

Sextants have a telescope-like optical sight to take precise angle measurements between pairs of stars from land or sea, enabling navigation without computer assistance. NASA’s Gemini missions conducted the first sextant sightings from a spacecraft, and designers built a sextant into Apollo vehicles as a navigation backup in the event the crew lost communications from their spacecraft. Jim Lovell demonstrated on Apollo 8 that sextant navigation could return a space vehicle home. Astronauts conducted additional sextant experiments on Skylab.



Videos: Marvelous views of Jupiter, the Moon, the Sun, and aurora borealis

Check out the big collection of vidoes created by Seán Doran showing beautiful space imagery. Here is a sampling:

** Imagery of Jupiter taken during the Juno probe‘s ninth orbit is viewed with the music of the ‘Orphic Hymn’ by Jóhann Jóhannsson. Performed by the Theatre of Voices:

** The surface of the Moon as seen by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to the music of ‘Lux Aeterna’ by György Ligeti:

** Aurora over Canada as seen from the ISS:

** One month of sun in a three minute time-lapse:


A selection of space music videos

Some space-y music from not the usual people and places:

** Angelina Jordan – Fly Me To The Moon – The View 2014

(She also has an official video of the song but I find the lip synching distracting.)

** SPACE ODDITY – David Bowie cover – Puddles Pity Party

** Elton John – Rocket Man – A great video animation –

** Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata no 14 op 27 #2 

** Chris Hadfield performs “I.S.S.”, co-written with Ed Robertson, the lead singer from the group “Barenaked Ladies”:


Space music: An anthem for the Team Indus mission to the Moon

Indian musician Ram Sampath has composed a song dedicated to the Team Indus lunar lander project. The song is performed by Sona Mohapatra and the band Sanam. Read the background story to the TeamIndus anthem.

Team Indus is a finalist in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition to send the first privately funded lander and rover to the lunar surface. The team has reserved a spot on an Indian PSLV rocket but it’s not clear yet if they can raise sufficient funding to pay for the launch, which must happen before the March 31, 2018 deadline if they are to have a chance to win the GLXP $20M first prize.