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This blog supports the HobbySpace.com website with daily news and commentary. The goal of HobbySpace is to get as many people as possible involved and participating in humanity’s expansion into outer space.

There’s some sort of hobby or activity that’s directly or indirectly related to space that will fit everyone. It can be technical, such as rocketry or space radio, or non-technical, such as space art and music. Just browse around HobbySpace to find a part of space that’s right for you.

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    1. Hi @TopSpacer.
      I wanted to write to to you regarding a previous post on Indian Experimental Rocket Launch. May I have your email or FB profile pls. Thank you.

  1. was there a meteor sighting last night over the skies of south carolina? we saw something right before daylight in the sky. it was very bright and fast. just wondering what it could be.

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