Space Art: History + Galleries of Ron Miller and others


Space artist Ron Miller writes about the history of art inspired by astronomical phenomena and space exploration : The Art of Space, Envisioning the Universe –

Space art can be divided into at least two broadly distinct sub-genres: astronomical painting and hardware art. The former is an extension of landscape painting and continues as an art form that has existed for centuries. Astronomical art has roots in the Pre-Raphaelites ,a school of art that demanded precise observation and depiction of nature, and their scrupulous attention to reproducing nature. It follows many of the same precepts as any successful landscape art. Its outstanding practitioners today include Don Davis, Michael Carroll, David Hardy and William Hartmann.

Here is a gallery of Miller’s art: Out of This World: Ron Miller’s Spectacular Space Art –


And here is a gallery of a wide array of space artists: An Astounding History of Scientific Space Art from the Past 200 Years – io9 –