The new issue of The Space Review marks the tenth anniversary of this unique and excellent publication. TSR successfully fills an important niche not served by the mainstream aerospace press. It provides a venue for long article discussions of a wide range of technology, history and policy topics and particularly on topics related to the NewSpace industry and community, which really came of age during the past decade. Kudos to Jeff Foust for creating and maintaining this great resource.

Jeff discusses the history of TSR: A ten-year experiment.

And Jeff reflects on the big questions dealt with by TSR in the past decade and what the big questions are for the next decade in space: Asking the big questions for the next ten years

Louis Friedman similarly looks at the past decade and at the coming decade in space: Ten years back, ten years forward

Sam Dinkin ponders Elon Musk’s desire to go to Mars: Can Elon Musk retire on Mars in 2023?

Taylor Dinerman reports on the spread of space capabilities to many more countries in the past decade: Proliferating military space power in 2013 and beyond


In addition to the anniversary articles there is an essay by Harley Thronson and Dan Lester of the Future In-Space Operations (FISO) study group: Future In-Space Operations (FISO): a working group and community engagement. (See previous posting.)

And Dwayne Day writes about the Lockheed-Martin Athena launch vehicle: Athena rising?.