“In Saturn’s Rings” – Kickstarter to fund soundtrack recording

There is a crowd-funding campaign underway to pay for the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra to record the Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings composition for the IMAX space film In Saturn’s Rings, created by Stephen van Vuuren of Greensboro :  Adagio in Space: The Greensboro Symphony + In Saturn’s Rings by Stephen van Vuuren — Kickstarter

The Saturn’s Rings film is described as follows:

In Saturn’s Rings is a ground-breaking film for IMAX® and Giant Screen Theaters and Fulldome Planetariums created from over one million real photographs and assembled in one man’s basement studio. Using a unique photoanimation technique, the film will take audiences on a journey through the Solar System and beyond, employing images from dozens of space missions, including Cassini-Huygens, Hubble, Apollo, Voyager 1/2 and many more; and give audiences the feeling they’re flying through space without the use of computer generated models or imagery.

Here is a trailer for the film: