Planet Hunters pass 20M classifications

The Planet Hunters citizen science program hits a large numeric milestone: 20 million classifications and counting! – Planet Hunters



Planet Hunters has just crossed the 20 million classification mark, a milestone to be celebrated! Thinking back to this time three years ago, the  the Zooniverse development team and Planet Hunters science team  were hard at work on the design and building of the site.  We didn’t know if people would come to the website to help find planets by reviewing Kepler light curves; we were showing graphs of a star’s brightness over time, not the beautiful galaxies in  the stunning images on Galaxy Zoo.  Since the day the project launched in December 2010, we’ve been blown away by the response. It’s been truly overwhelming. I know I couldn’t  have comprehended reaching 20 million classifications back then, and here were are with over 260,000 volunteers worldwide participating in Planet Hunters!