Here’s an announcement about an event on Google+ on Wednesday, February 6, 6:00 PM PST: New Visions for Space – Google+

“New Visions for Space” will feature young voices from NASA Academy, Yuri’s Night, AIAA Young Professionals Committee, The Moon Society and others to talk about how exciting all of the new developments in space are, and how all of us are making a real difference in our space future. Guests include:The BIL Conference – Carter Gibson (Moderator)
The Moon Society – Ken Murphy (Organizer)
Liftport – Michael Laine (Co-Organizer)
Yuri’s Night – Brice Russ
Starstryder – Pamela Gay
SEDS – Michael Zwach
NASA Academy – Will Pomerantz
ISU-USA – Laura Burns
AIAA YPC – Alison Lauderbach

Please tune in on Wednesday, and be sure to let all of your friends know on Facebook, Twitter and other social media!  Let’s show the world how awesome space is!