Student CubeSat projects roundup – Nov.12.2018

A sampling of recent stories about student CubeSat projects and programs:

** IRVINE01 CubeSat built by students in the Irvine CubeSat STEM Program (ICSP) in Irvine, California reached orbit on Rocket Lab Electron rocket launched over the weekend:

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** First Jordanian-made satellite to launch! | Roya News

Jordanian history will be made on November 19, 2018, as the first local made nano-satellite, dubbed “JY1-SAT”, will launch into space to take pictures of Jordan’s historical and touristic places.

The ‘Masar’ (Path) initiative, was launched by the Crown Prince’s Foundation, Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II, in partnership with NASA who trained 22 Jordanian engineering students from around the Kingdom, in scientific and practical research at the Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, the United States.

The team of students explored satellite engineering and related knowledge, and developed their skills in aviation and space science through an intensive program over a period of 10 weeks, under the supervision of NASA experts. This partnership training aims to give Jordanian youth an opportunity to demonstrate capabilities and innovativeness in the field of space, and came to establish the CubeSat.

** AMSAT’s Fox-1Cliff CubeSat Set to Launch on November 19 –

AMSAT is counting down to the launch of the next Fox-1 satellite, Fox-1Cliff. According to Spaceflight Now, the launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base of Spaceflight’s SSO-A SmallSat Express mission, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicle, is currently scheduled for November 19 at 1832 UTC.

Fox-1Cliff carries the Fox-1 U/v FM repeater, AMSAT’s L-Band Downshifter, the flight spare of the AO-85 Vanderbilt University Low Energy Proton (LEP) radiation experiment, and the standard Fox-1 Penn State University-Erie MEMS gyroscope experiment. Virginia Tech provided a video graphics array camera that’s similar to the one on AO-92 but which will provide images at a higher 640 × 480 resolution.

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**  More about the Kyrgyzstan women’s CubeSat project mentioned in previous CubeSat roundup:

** AMSAT news on student and amateur CubeSat/smallsat projects: ANS-313 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin

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