SpaceX hopes to launch the Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time this month. The three core launch system was developed completely with internal funding. It can put up 63,800 kg (140,660 lb) to into low earth orbit, making it currently the most powerful rocket in the world and one of the most powerful since the start of the Space Age. The FH appeared in public for the first time when it rolled up to Pad 39A between Christmas and New Year. According to Elon Musk, SpaceX plans to do an on-pad engine firing test in the next week and a launch by the end of January.

If all goes as planned, the two side boosters will land back at the Cape and the center core will land on an ocean droneship platform.

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For this first test flight, they did not want to risk an expensive satellite so they decided to send Elon’s Tesla Roadster on a deep space orbit that will pass near Mars:

Falcon Heavy Demo Mission - Payload

Falcon Heavy Demo - Payload

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Here is a good tutorial from the Everyday Astronaut on the FH: