Videos: TMRO Orbit 10.38 – LUNARES Moon and Mars simulated living

The latest live program is now available in the archive: LUNARES Moon and Mars simulated living – Orbit 10.38 – TMRO

We talk with the crew running the ICAres-1 mission aboard the LUNARES Mobile Research Station. We will cover what the simulation is doing, how the accomplish it and why it is important for teh future of humans living and working in space.

Space news topics:

  • Haumea, the egg
  • Planet 9 Evidence Mounts!

Last week’s launches:

  • Long March 2D Returns to Flight with Venezuelan Satellite
  • SpaceX Launches 3rd batch of IridiumNEXT satellites
  • H2-A Rocket launches final Japanese GPS Satellite
  • SpaceX Launches ComSat on Reused Rocket
  • Rockot launches Sentinal 5P for ESA
  • Soyuz launches Progress MS-07

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