The latest program is now in the archive: TMRO:Space – Cassini’s Grand Finale – Orbit 10.15 – TMRO –

Lisa Tatge, Subsystem Engineer on the Spacecraft Operations Team for the Cassini Mission to Saturn joins us for an incredible interview about the Cassini mission and it’s upcoming Grand Finale.

Space news topics:

* WFIRST set for 2025 Launch, $3.2Billion Budget
* Commercial Crew Q1 Progress Updates
* First Detailed Images of a Star’s Accretion Disk from ALMA
* French Guiana to resume launches
* The Event Horizon Telescope will soon produce an image

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TMRO has debuted a new sister program dedicated to issues of modern cities. The first show : Designing cities for Mars from Earth – Block 01.01 – TMRO

Vera Mulyani, founder of Mars City Design joins hosts Chris and Karen Radcliff to talk about the future of Martian cities being designed today here on Earth.

In City News:

* Singapore tests a bus stop that’s a destination in itself
* United Arab Emirates commits to building a city on Mars
* Oslo’s downtown to become car-free by 2019
* Australia is testing apartments for heat stress
* San Francisco’s red lanes are controversial, but working
* China proposes “forest cities” to improve air quality

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