The making of the OK Go video in weightlessness

This article explains how the OK Go music video for Upside Down & Inside Out (see earlier post) was made using a Russian aircraft flying parabolic trajectories: How OK Go Made That Amazing Zero-G Video – Jalopnik.

This video also is about the making of the Upside Down… video:

[ Update: The original 30+ minute video went down due to copyright issues. Here is a shorter one about the making of the video.

See also this translated press release from S7 Airlines about the video: Group OK Go and S7 Airlines [make] the first professional music video in weightlessness – S7 Airlines (Google Translate) –

Interesting facts from the set … :
* 3 weeks filming
* 21 flight
* 70 Staff
* 15 professional instructors
* 2 professional air gymnasts
* Crane with a telescopic 7-meter boom, in which the camera was mounted
* about 2000 balls and other props units, which were used during the training and survey flights
* 2 KAMAZ [trucks] for transportation of scenery


This video shows outtakes of several attempts to do the final scene with the paint-filled balloon: