Spacecasts: Bob Zimmerman on JBS, Hotel Mars with comets, Bruce Cordell and waves of the future

Bob Zimmerman spoke on the John Batchelor Show on the Thursday program about the following topics:

1. Three astronauts on the way to ISS.
2. Musk confirms that SpaceX will do tests of a powered return of its first stage on future Falcon 9 launches.
3. Sequestration and big science (see the post on Behind-the-Black)
4. The ice ages and CO2: In the past temperature changes caused changes in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, rather than CO2 causing changes to the climate’s temperature.


Alan Hale of The Earthrise Institute and co-discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp in 1995, talked on the Hotel Mars segment of the John Batchelor Show on Wednesday about Comet PANSTARRS and other comets in the sky this year: The John Batchelor Show “Hotel Mars,” Wednesday, 3-27-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog.


Bruce Cordell of 21st Century Waves spoke on the Space Show on Friday about “space trends for 2013 and the coming period of Ebullience for grand space projects” : Dr. Bruce Cordell, Friday, 3-29-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog


Space Policy: NASA budget and sequestration, commercial crew & planetary exploration

Jeff Foust discusses the effects of sequestration on NASA’s budget, and the commercial crew program in particular : Sequestration’s effects on commercial crew, and planning for FY14 – Space Politics


Bill Nye, aka the Science Guy and and the CEO of the Planetary Society, thanks members and other space science fans “for helping to restore $223 million back to NASA’s planetary exploration program”.