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HobbySpace News/Log Archive

January 1999 - September 4, 2005


September 2005:

August 2005: New Satellite Service * Unmanned Vulnerabilities * Spinning Off Discoveries * ISS Watching * Student/Amateur Space Telescopes * The Next Space Tourist * Space Radio Supplies *Star Wars in Space

July 2005: Mars Colony Design * Student Space Projects * Student Satellites * Space TV - Mission Is Possible

June 2005: Space Radio * Googling Eartch * Outer Space Setback * Space Publisher/Developer * A Space Suit for an Amateur Satellite * Space Press Syndicate * Talking with Greens in Space *Space teachers

May 2005: Arts and the ISS * Space Value Networking * Space Journalism Prize Winner * GIS for the Masses * Space in the Papers * Traveling Space Ed * Mars Song Contest Deadline Extended * Space Design Contest * Indian Amateur Satellite In Orbit

April 2005: Comet Crater Contest * Amateurs Spot Supernovae * Apoll 13's 35th * Sat Photo Boomlet * Lunar Colonization Documentary * HS is a SETI SuperStar * A "True Science Mars Exploration Novel" * Spacefaring to Prevent a Big Bang * Art-Music-Astro Dialogue

March 2005: Dial-up Sputnik * New Space Prize * Sci-Fi Writing Contest * Dreams of Space * Red Dust Devils * Third International Space Pioneer Song Contest to be Held * British Rocket History * Space Tracking Mess * Around the World in 80 Hours * Sat Observing Contest * Draw to the Sky

February 2005: Tracking a Fiasco * Finding a Prize Space Article * Mars Bugs * Under water and In Space * Hubble Battles * Big Time Space Sims * Space Music News

January 2005: Space Options * Dangerous Extrapolations * Gliding Back * Space Tracking Data * Space Audiences * Student Nanosat Winner Announced * Amateurs See Titan Better, Sooner * Orbiter 2005 Edition * Huygens Sea * Titan Sounds * Get Involved * Nanosats by the Dozens * Huygens Titan Encounter * Satellite Imaging at Home * Tsunami Space Images * Meteor Implications * The Eclipse Model * Alt.Space Timeline


December 2004: Space Past and Future * Space Tracking via the Web * Near Space Competition to Space * It Was a Dark and Sand-Stormy Night on Mars * Space Shelter * More Lunar Hydrogen * Hydrogen is the Valuable Thing * Space History Book Sale * Sci-Fi Comes True (Occasionally) * Mars/Zubrin Documentary * Hubble in Trouble: Carbon-Based Units to the Rescue * Hubble Trouble * Visions of Low Cost Space Exploration * SEDS Gest Political * Space Background Noise * Climbing Tourism * Songs for Titan

November 2004: Space Tourism by Any Other Name * Spacecraft in a Can * CSXT Booster Recovered * Musical Journey to Titan * Space Magazine Collaboration * More Space Burials * Satellite Phones Comeback * Sustaining the Exploration Initiative * Fully Funded Commercial Space Tug * Man Tries to Conquer Space Film * Double Space Service * Space Impacts * Alt.space Conference Report * Music from Saturn and Elsewhere * Space Music News * A Scientist Who Supported Human Spaceflight * Smithsonian Space Hangar * Space and the Election * Space Ham Radio Anniversary * Role Playing in Space * Satellite Tracking

October 2004: Vision for Space * Titan Art Contest * Space Activist Meetings * Hearing Titan * Space Election * ESA Student Satellite * Cosmonaut opera * Space Software * Space Sci-Fi Musical * Renting a Mars Station * X PRIZES for Other Challenges * Space Software * Mars Volunteers * Story Musgrave's Biography * Singular Thriller * More Commercial Space Progress * Space Around the World * Big Asteroid Flies By

September 2004: Space Tourism Study * Astronomy Adventures * Big News Day in Commercial Space * Weightless Fun * Amateur Mars Exploration * Space Tourism Class * Sci-Fi Story Contest * Zero-G-oy Experiences * Zero-G and Your Stomach * Homesick, not Sick, for Floating * Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) University Design Competition * Spinning Off Better Beds * Mars Home Builders * Comsat Comeback * Alt.Space Leaders * Nano Cost Sats * Planet Search

August 2004: Amateur Satellite Info * Space All Around * NASA - Always Losing its Mind * World Space Week * Lift Prize * Tourism - Where the Real Money Is * Mars Society Convention Report * China and the US and Space * In Space, Feeling Good, and Writing Songs * Too Few Millons * Lunar Lander Sim * Mars Sim Misfire * Britain Grounded in Science * Space Memorabilia Auction * Space Perception * A Rocket Race Movie * Explore Mars Pictures * Explore the Cosmos from Home, Space Law, Property, and Timewarps * Space Islands of Profitability * Another Mars Season Passes * Criticism of Human Spaceflight Becoming Obsolete * Collectibles News

July 2004: Space Poll High * Arctic Mars Projects Underway * New Book Rising * Space Architecture Discussion * Book Microgravity Flights * Moon Step * Mars Sats * Saturn Non-Saturnine * Space on a Roll * Vicarious Spaceflight * Can't Trust Anything These Days

June 2004: Cassini Reaches Saturn * Echo Alive and Well * Laurie in Space * Making Space * Space for Kids * British Inconsistencies * Mobile Homes on the Moon * Rocket Town in Houston * Pay as You Go - At the Right Price * New US AMSAT Microsat * Creating a Sci-fi Future in Space * Future Past * Filk Review * Hubble on the Big Screen * Weird Martian Rocks * Rocket Attack * Space Tourist Flight Canceled * Space Memories * Some Space Age Pop * SpaceshipOne Tune * Space Solar Power * MicroRocket Info * Space Memorabilia Market * Mars Music Contest * Mars Renders Music * Building Mars Homes * Advanced Rocketry Left Out * Aldridge Commission Report * Inflatable Space Hotels * Commercialization and NASA * Camp KSC * The Space Initiative * Space Biz Looks Again at Space Tourism * Space Quotations * Sea & Space States * Vensus Transits the Sun * Private Human Spaceflight Begins * Robotic Repair * Exploiting Space Workers

May 2004: Space Station Sim * Venus Transit * Near Space Sci-Fi * Robert Zimmerman on Space * Spiral Space Development * Losing Money for Space * Nearspacecraft Hunting * Secret Soyuz in Oakland * CSXT Breaks Amateur Rocket Altitude Record * ISS Jupiter Transit * Alt Space Conferences * Lander Challenge Update * Alt Space to Deep Space * Alt Space Speeding Up * Space Advocates to Fight Together * Eyes on the Prizes * CSXT Goes for Rocket Record * WSJ Rocketry Article * A Space Station Show * Mars the Target * Great Crater Shots * Aviation Archaeology * Inflatable Spacecraft Test

April 2004: Who Won the Space Race * Space Prizes Workshop * Hubble Retriever * Space Tug Progress * Smart Manager * SEDS * Solar Sci-Fi Summer Reading * Apollo Astronaut Store * Soyuz Parachute Bags * A Flock of Space Phoenix * Rocketry Contest Finals * Mars Hams *Alan Shepard Bio * Space Tourist Updates * Moving Heaven if not Earth * Supporting Space Commerce * Mars Novel On Line * CubeSats * NEO Hearing * Impactor Program * Partly Competitive * Milestone in Public Space Travel * Space Initiative Progress * Money for Moon-Mars Program * Rocketry Resources * Rocketeers Hang Separately * Space Music * Lunar Resources * Apollo Launch Tower Destroyed * Mars Poster Contest * SpaceDev Contract * Mars Gravity Wins Grant * What If (LEO for $1000/LB)?

March 2004: Space Tug - Hubble Tug? * Rocketry Problems * Mars Metabolizers? * Space Music * Spacecast * Rocketry Loses in Court * Space Tourist * NASA Flash * Space Collecting * SETI Telescope Funding * Mars Chuckles * Mars Waters * Destruction of the Apollo Launch Tower * Commercial Spysats - Slow Growth * Space Sponsorship Progress * Getting the Numbers Right * New NSS Chief * Classic Space TV * Mars Creatures * Yuri's Night * Mars Vistas * Wow, What A Year in Space * Multi-Colored Mars * Amateur Mars Exploration * Open Source Rocketry * House Hearing * Robot Workers * Mars Oases * Mars Mirages * Space Prizes Catch On * IMAX Space Films * Sundial Webcams * Mars Role Playing * Saving Space History * Space Wallpapers * Wet and Wild Mars * Paper Space Models

February 2004: Satellite Constellations Survive * Marianne Dyson * Science Funding Fiction * Deep Purple Lost Contact * Nuclear Space Navy * Space Arts Events * The Settlement Cause * Mars Can't Win * Lies, Damn Lies, and Space Costs * Space Fan Fiction Video * Music to Move a Mars Rover * Mars Music Contest * Rocketry Rover Contest * Private Mars Expeditions * Space Shelf Stocker * Sports Cars & Space * Filling Shelves * NASA: Dressed Up but No Place to Go * The Plain Parts * Choir Practice * Honest Accounting * More Accounting * Progress Near Space * Mars Rocks: There & Here * Mars Debate: Humans vs. Robots * Ham Tunes in Mars * Space Permanence * Senior Citizen Countries in Space * Hubble Tradeoffs * Lunar Server * Losing Apollo History * The Future on Display * Space Poetry

January 2004: Space Myths of All Kinds * Trailblazer Status * Winter Mourning * Mars Fascinates * Prices, Paradigms, and Private Space Development * Hubble Hope * New Space Sims * The Right Stuff vs. Space Stuff * Space Activism Gets Results * Saving the Hubble * Your Name in a Comet * NASA's Memory Problem * The AMSAT Echo * Space IQ * Mars Sims * Space Speech Aftermath * The New Space Initiative * Space Cargo Company * Political Space Blog * New Space Policy Prospects * Space Settlers * Space Contests in Europe * Lunar Projects * Curiosity Driven Funding * Space Books for Young People * Big Budget Comeback? * Spirit on Mars * HobbySpace Progress


December 2003: 2003: A Good Year * Mars the God of War * Aerospace Art * Satellite Radio Rising * Space in Miniature * Christmas Came Early * Which Imperative to Choose * Comet Encounter * Is Your Name on Mars? * Private Space & Science * Mars, England, & Money * Mars Analog Exploration * Astronomy Outreach * Space Jumping * Space Tourism - Alive & Flying * Real Space Action * Traditional Space * Cash Over Space * Space Music Recognition * Restoring a Gemini * Alt.space * Versus Big Government * Space Radiation Shields * Onward, Outward, or Not * Way Up There To the Grammys * Medieval Star Guides * Mars Preparations * Back to the Moon * Hams Receive Mars Express Signals * Amateur Mars Balloon * Filtering Mars Air for Fuel * Solar Sci-Fi Thriller

November 2003: Re-inventing the Space Tug * Mars Guide * Space Tourism Lectures * Students, Sundials & Mars * Ion Propulsion Progress * Satellite Innovations * Rocket Attacks * Lunar Outposts * Space Mining Meeting * Apollo Kids * Space Art Coloring Contest * TV Rocketry Boost * Flying Young * Space Redirections * Spacecraft Dealers * Space Burial * Looking at the Big Space Picture * Recognition of Space Collecting * Space Hobbyists Outpost * Spinning Student Spacecraft * Space Music Album * TV Rocketry * Satellite Impacts * Request for Space Entrepreneur Sci-Fi * International Space Art Exhibit * Space Lottery * New Apollo or Old SEI * Japanese Student Satellite Images * Hubble Beauties * The Rocket Company Saga

October 2003: The Sun Continues to Rage * Space Music Retrospective * Solar Storms * Astroanaut Autographs Club * Frank Capra's Space Good-bye * Near Space Review * Space for Developing Countries * Space Business Ups & Downs * Sol Reminder * Space Business Survivors * Help Predict Earthquakes from Sapce * Space Treasures * Student Access to Big Telescopes * Smashing Space Pen Myth * Sonic Muffling * Know Space Art when You See It * The Echo AMSAT * Support AMSAT * ISS Ham Upgrade * Heinlein Effect * Space Hams Map Ion Engine Plum * Novel Sci-Fi Music * Space Art Map * Shenzhou Inspires New Hobbyspacers * China in Space with Big Plans * Space Out of Time Piece * Space Art in Glass & Fabric * Watching Chinese Spaceships * Mars Down Under * Space Moguls to BE * Space is Falling * SETI@home Transition * Points to Go * Mars Station Volunteers * Reward vs. Investment * Save Rocketry Right Now! * Capitol Staff Stupidity * Good Science * Then Just Don't Go! * Enquiring Minds Want to Know * Meteorite Riches * Launch an Itty-bitty Payload * SciFi Tech Database * Have Space Suit? Win Money * The Joy of Launch * Learning from MIT

September 2003: Smallsats Rising * Reentry via Inflatable Shield * Parts via Bits * Rocket History * Really Low Cost Acces to Space * Past & Future Exploration * Smallsat Launchings * Spacecraft Reviews * Disney Space DVD * ISS Life Goes On * Mars Essay Contest * Boeing Teaches Space * Moon Rock Trek * Jumping to Mars * Gunning with Conductors * Stellar Release * Space Multimedia Extravaganza * Mapping Space * Rocket Weekend * Next Space Nation * Sci-Fi Writers & Space Music * Get a Business to LEO * Space Sci-Fi Lull * Mars Return Vehicle Design Contest * Commercializing Space Discussion * SETI Influence * Satcom Recovery * Piggyback Science * Space Songs Soon * Space Business Turns Up * First Person Martian * Jupiter Plunge * Amateur Radio Web-Cam on the Space Station * Mars Calling * ExtraTerrestrial QSL Cards * Moonbouncing & SETI * Music in Orbit * The Last Space Waltz * Goddard Biography * Why Space Science Over Space Engineering?

August 2003: Gagarin - Triumph & Tragedy * Images of Space History * Moon Watching * Rocketry Defense * Point the Mars Camera * Living & Launching off the Land * Volunteer Astronomy * Private Space Tug to the Rescue * Broad Public Interest in Space * Get on the Solar Emergency Call List * Sat Fire Spotters * SpacecraftNames Update * Thanks for the Favicon * Space History Library * New Mars Fiction * The Real Gagarin * Big Money for Martian Meteorite * Space Elevator Resources * Greening Arctic Mars * Hubble Futures * Mars in Film * Amateur Finds Afterglow * Disney Does Space * Space Quake Spotters * Surviving Space with Art * Happy Birthday to the Martian Chronicler * Congrats to the Happy Space Couple * Canadian Mars Program in Peril * Lots of Space & Rocketry Resources * University Hits Mars Jackpot * Love Finds A Way in Space * Aviation & Space Art News * Arctic Mars Letters * Solar Sails in New York

July 2003: Hobby Terrorists * Fumbling Tech Issues * Demagoging Rocketry * Space CD Progress * Early Spaceman * Intelligent Prospects * A Bus to the Big Beyond * Solar Sailing Solaris * Moon Scope * Where no Data has Cached Before * Space Reality is Really Tough * No Fair Rules, No Check * Race to Space at the Smithsonian * Mars Buildup * Lunar Data Cache * Space Tourism Expansion * Satellite TV-DSL Teamwork * Creating Cliches Closer to Home * A Little Radiation Isn't So Bad Afterall * On a Sunday 34 Years Ago * Mars Video Adventure * Open Source Spacecraft * Failure is Not an Option * A Bet on Space Travel * Space Entrepreneurs Club * A Match to be Made in Heaven * Gee Whiz, NOW They Start Catching On * NASA Budget Perspective * Space Business Will Survive * Space Colonies and the Pacific * When We First Left Earth * Following Mars on Earth * Even more GPS * Private Space Gets a Royal Endorsement * A Petition for Collision Insurance * Space Science Powers Up * Roadmap for Space * Making a Space Living * Activists Save SETI * Activist Solar Sail Update * Near Space Tourism * Calling Andromeda * Another Space Tourist * MOST in Space * Space Replicas * Demento's Space Music * Student Sats Launched * LEO Constellation Comeback?

June 2003: Student Planes to Honor Columbia * Virgin Astronaut * Free Satellite Tracker * A Lunar Story * Letters from the Space Front * Mars Arctic Updates * Senators Shortchange Rocketry * Private Solar Sail Project Update * Citizen Scientists Meeting * China & Space * Pervasive GPS * British Space SciFi Series Comebacks * A Station on the Moon & Sun * Jamming in Orbit * Informing the Senator * Space Tourism - Alive & Well * New Arctic Mars Crew * Rocketry Battles * Launching a Point of Light * Taking the Kids to Mars * Satellite Seeing Eye * Selecting Satellite Radio * Space Activists Helping Rockeers * Galaxy Explorers Summer Camps * Space Oddity * Explore Mars Now or Miss Out * Spirit & Opportunity Going to Mars * Space Sponsorships * Mars Rover Naming Day * Succesful Space Auction * Red Mars TV * Blogging Back * Rocketry Campaign Needs You * Music & Art Riding to Mars

May 2003: ACCESS over NASA * Making a Big Splash * China Racing to Space * Deliveries from Space * More Great Space Books * Associating with Space Art * Microgravity Science Ain't So Bad * NSS Meet * Rocketry on the Run * Great Space Shots * Satellite Radio Looking Real * Rocketry, Students & the Future * Team Rocketry * Skylab Memories * Mars Today * Space Settlement Ruckus * Rocketry Finals * Space Advocacy Meetings * New Sponsors * Send Your Name to a Comet * Streams of Airliners * Space Activists Clearinghouse * Space Contests with Government Purses * Real Space Science * To Space in a Heartbeat * ZERO-G Economics * Satellites Boosted Cable TV * Students Glide to Mars * Soaking with GPS * 15 Astronauts Offer Experiences & Artifacts for Auction * GPS Proliferation

April 2003: Memorabilia Space Rides * Solar Sail Support * Parabolic Fun * Time to Contact Congress to Save Rocketry * Amateurs Make a Difference * Private Space Getting Off the Ground * ISS on the Moon * Your Daily Space Views * Satellites Get Noticed * Starman's Memories * Student Explorers * Moon Business * Space Will Have to Wait * Space Parties * Space Camp Comeback * Aerospace Needs Students * More Views from Space * Space Songs CD Status * Have Spacesuit, Will Travel to Movie * ESA Space Board Game * Fusion in a Pinch * Fission in a Pinch for a Spaceship * Getting a Lift * More Mars Images * Tech Positives * Advanced Rocketry News * Daily Snapshot from the Station * Rocketry on the Senate Floor * Advanced Student Rocketry in Switzerland * New HobbySpace Traffic Record * Space Tourism Paths * Yuri's Night - Space Party Time

March 2003: Space Memoriabilia Auction * Big Amateur Rocket Test * Rocketry Bill Introduced * An Iridium Moment in Space * Satellite Zoom In * Mars Streakers * Iraq Satellite Imagery * More Water on the Moon * Rockeers Under Watch * The Million Man & Woman March to Space * A Space Roadmap: Mine the Sky, Defend the Earth, Settle the Universe * Home Reconaissance * Mars Radiation Levels Livable * Space Settlement Manifesto * We Go To Space To Stay There * Space Elevator's Rising Visibility * More Rocketcam Videos * Gravity Glasses * HobbySpace Gets Slashdotted * On Line Space Courses * NSS Chief Talks to HobbySpace * Rocket Campaign Info * Rocketing Inspiration * Please Stop the Rocketry Bombardment *One Giant Movie * Space Business * SETI@Home Produces Leads * Real Flying Rockets * Trailblazing Commercial Exploration of the Moon * Taikonauts Debut * Solar Sail Status * Students to Work with Mars Rovers * Fading Brave Spacers * Memory Preservation * Rocketry Getting More Press * China Seems Serious * Outlawing Exploration

February 2003: Tell Your Senators to Save Rocketry! * More Than One Reason to Fly * Planetary Petition * Serendipity Above * Amateur Lunar Observer Vindicated * Space Power for Your Cell Phone * Rescuing Model Rocketry * Sci-Fi for Astronomy Students * Interstellar Messages: What should we say? * Students to Design Mars Settlements * Robot Race to Las Vegas * Many Still Want a Ride * Columbia Tribute Song * Visiting Interstellar Neighbors * Space Design Competition * Rocketry in Trouble * Art for the Moon * Rocket Inaugurates Texas Spaceport * Watch the Comet * Thrust Vectoring Student Rocket * Tennessee Rocket Volunteers * Moving Asteroids * NSS Petition * More Defense of Human Spaceflight * More Columbia Links * Columbia Artwork * The Comet & the Shuttle * Space & Science * More Columbia Songs * Columbia in Song * STS-107 News

January 2003:Texas Rocketeers * Satellite TV & Internet in the Air * New Space Forum * Big Bucks for Planet Hunter *Cosmic Valentine * ISS Flasher * Sky Shows * Space Building Designs * Campaign for Space Day * Online Space Books * Teachers Flood Astronaut Recruitment * Amateur Astronomers Spend Big Bucks * Flying Car for Sale * Space Music Interview * NASA Educator Astronaut Online * Space Potty Training Video * Cosmic Africa is a Winner * Herding Space Junk * An African Astronomer's Story * Space Business Looking Up * More about the Galileo Music Event * Capture the Fiery Death of Starshine 3 * Rent a Famous Planet Finding Scientist * Teacher's Space Trip Set * Name the Rovers Soon * Specdev's CHIPSat in Orbit * A Spacecraft Musical * Mars Society Activities * SORAC Back On Line * More Sat Radio Progress * Making Stuff in Space * Robot Progress * Frequent Space Miles * Filkadelic Chris Conway * Sat TV for the Road * More Amateur Sats in Orbit * Opportunities & Challenges for the Space Entrepreneur * A Big Year in Space Ahead


December 2002: Sat Radio in the Clear? * TransOrbital Orbits * Patti LaBelle Goes Way Up There * The Internet Reaches Orbit * Edging Space * Signs of Life in Satcom * Student Radio Astronomers * Singing NASA's Tune * Station Hams Meet * Everyone Can See from Space * Apollo 17 and Going Back to the Moon * JP Aerospace Busy in Near Space * Quick Trip to the Moon * Startup Gets to Space * Space Boom Box * Space Soccer * Delta 4 Looking Back * Awakening to SETI * Awakening Satellites * Measuring Shakes * Earth Artistry * Magnificent Moon Movie * MirCorp Gets Flashy * Space Entrepreneurs to the Rescue * Mars Desert Habitat to Include Observatory * Vivid Virtual Mars * Rocketing Regulations * For All Mankind On Line * Be a Virtual Astronomer * Space Camp Progress

November 2002: Mars Art Show * Space Fable * Transorbital Buys a Launch Ticket * Space Activist Progress * Space Politics or Participation? * More Space Radio * Planetary Radio Stars * Space Phones to the Rescue * Go to the Moon in Las Vegas * Sony Commercializes Space * Space Music Way Up There * Space Art in Space * More Mars Music * Stringing Us Along to Orbit * Students Make Mission Patches * Geocaching Hams * A Regular Rocket Guy * Tracking Space Optimism * The Leonid Radio Stars * Force Field Construction Zones * The Economist Supports Spaceflight for Everybody * Russian Space TV Game Show On Course * Red Planet Habitats Rock * Viewing Mars * Nighttime Engine Test Webcast * Portrait of a Young Space Station * Channel Surfing in the Air * Spacehenge * Roving Mars

October 2002: Space Solar Power Gets Serious Science Attention * A Big Eastern Rocket * Finding Space in Sweden * Sirius Satellite Gets Financial Lifeline * A Rocket with A View * Fuel Cells & Asteroid Mining * Zero-G Flights Approved * Space Tourism Study Shows Strong Market * Robot Changelings - Key to Big Space Development? * "We finally made it." * JP Aerospace Launches Rocket in Texas * Promoting Space Events * Cruising into an Aviation Revolution * Bounties for Amateur Asteroid Hunters * Satellite Radio - Running Fast Enough? * Teledesic Throws in the Towel

September 15-29, 2002: Consumer Space Sneaks Up On Us * Space Activism News Briefs * Space Volunteers * A Hard Sci-Fi Contest * Getting to Mars on a Budget * ISS Hams Get Some PR * A Starman Sails Away * Microgravity for Artists and Scientists * Natural Space Art * MARS Deimos Odyssey Rocket Launch a Success! * Amateur Rocketeers Go for Space * Lance is Back * German Space Films and a Space Age Kid * Pepsi Next Generation * European Students Go Weightless * Lance Grounded but Not Space Sponsorships * Space and Rocketry Competitions * Amateur Discovers Moon (Rocket) * Amateur Planet Hunters * Space Tourism => Public Space Travel * Cool NASA Astrobiology Site

September 3, 2002: A Space Hobby Creates a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry * Student Rocketeers Can Win Thousands of Dollars * More ISS Ham News * SETI@Home Ramps Up * Space Tourist Campaigns for Science Education * Amateur Astronomers are the Heros in New Book *Little Green Voters - John Carter McKnight

August 16, 2002: Amateur Mars Satellite * Rocket Shows * Armchair Comet Searcher Wins Prize * Happenings in MusicSpace: New Space Filk Releases - Dream Song for Shuttleworth - Ron McNair's Saxaphone * Mars Rover at Secret Site * More Lunar Artifacts * Space Station Hams Active * Space Odyssey First in the Soviet Union * Spirit of Mars - John Carter McKnight

August 2, 2002: Space ServiceSats * Lunar Renaissance * Happenings in MusicSpace: Moby Space - Space Filk Collectables - Sun Rings * Amateur Astronomers Save Us from Asteroid * Arctic Mars Log * Student Astronomers via the Net * Writing in the Infrared + Barsoom's Legacy - John Carter McKnight

July 16, 2002: ExtraSolar Dreaming: Imagining other star systems * Predicting Quakes From Orbit * Finding Space In Open Source * Satellite Anniversary * Amateur Astronomers Discover Comets and Supernova * Rocket Guy Responds * Saluting the Flag of Convenience - John Carter McKnight

July 1, 2002: Private Space: The action beneath the radar * Back on Mars in the Arctic * Space Contests & More about Lance * Satellite Radio: Boosting space business? * Amateurs quick to scan sat images * AMSAT 7 keeps going and going * Rockets roaring * Draw on a really big canvas with your GPS * An Apollo National Monument - John Carter McKnight

June 17, 2002: Near Space: Developing the Shore to Our New Ocean * Will Lance Sing in Orbit? * SFERICS Monitor * Logo Driven Rockets * Space Property Ownership & Development * Space History Books Online * Space Enthusiast Picks Up Spy-cam * The Space Show Now On Line * Amateur Rocket Record Attempt

June 1, 2002: Sub-orbital Space Tourism Market Larger than Expected * Dance the Flight Fantastic * Room for a View * New Space Hobbies Article * Finding Views of Earth * Space Filk Rising * Other Highlights - Follow the Bears, Rocket Racing, Action in Activism

May 16, 2002: The Time of Your Life on Mars * AMSAT News: French, Russia/Australia, &
*Your Role in Space * A Muse Will Fly You to an Asteroid * NASA Pays the Pipers * Comet Hunting with the SOHO's Help *
Rocket Mail & A Space Auction * Homelands - John Carter McKnight

May 1, 2002: Shuttleworth Spotlights the ISS * A PongSat for Each of Us * Student Space Crystals * More HAMing it up in Space * Join the Space Race to Denver * Mars Mice * Starshine 2 Returns * Solar Sailing Come September * The X Prize Goes to New York * Revolutionary Patience - John Carter McKnight

April 16, 2002: High School Students Aim for Space * Lottery Offers Everybody a Chance for Space * Preview the Space CD * Venture-ing into Space * Teacher in Space Program Relaunched * Sign the Planetary Society Petition in Support of Space Exploration * Living In Analogies - John Carter McKnight

April 1, 2002: AstroCappella - Music that's Simply Astronomical * Kolibri Student Satellite Launched from ISS * Apollo 13 Film Transformed for IMAX Screens * Sally Ride Encourages Girls in Science, Math & Engineering * Amateurs Discover Two Comets * Students Begin Mars Picture Taking Odyssey * Busy Time for the Mars Society

March 15, 2002: Suborbital Flights: The Way to Space? * Kids Monitor the Earth from the ISS * The Lone Mango Explores a Brave New Solar System * Locating an AMSAT with GPS * Survey Finds a Core Group of Enthusiasts for the Space Program * Community and the Technology of Trust - John Carter McKnight

March 2, 2002: Want to go to Space? Take a Number * Yuri's Night -- Party On, Space Dude * John Glenn Celebrates Anniversary of his First Spaceflight * Mars Meteorites Discovered * Dish - An Australian Delight * Kind Words for the NASA Budget - John Carter McKnight

February 16, 2002: Watching the Olympics from Space * Amateur Space Telescope Prototype Going On Line * Planetary Society Poll Gets Big Response * Recent Highlights: New Simulators, Letters from a Mars Station, High Hopes for Satellite Radio, Trailblazer Going to the Moon * The Critical Response - John Carter McKnight

February 1, 2002: Space Age Pop and Other Cosmic Rhythms * Kolibri - Russian Satellite for Students * Space Tourism Highlights * IMAX & Tom Cruise Go to the Space Station * Goldilocks Cities - John Carter McKnight

January 15, 2002: Mars Society Projects Show Progress * Recent Space Broadcasts of Interest * Ham Radio Antenna Installed During Space Walk * Sven Grahn: Eavesdropping on Soviet Space * The Martian Alternative - John Carter McKnight * 2002: The HobbySpace Odyssey Continues

January 3, 2002: Tough Year in Space But Not All Bad * Interesting Days Ahead * The Spacefaring Ethic - John Carter McKnight * Finance and Freedom in L5 - John Carter McKnight


December 16, 2001: Mark Shuttleworth on the Next Tourist Bus to the ISS * The Power of Play - John Carter McKnight * Samples of Moondust Offered For Sale (Legally) * Starshine 2 Student Satellite Released from Shuttle * Seeing Mars in the Data * NEO Grants from the Planetary Society

December 2, 2001: Starchaser: X-Prize Hunt Goes Nova * Activists Keep Pluto Mission Alive * Send Something of Yourself to the Moon * Mircorp Offers the Ultimate Grand Prize

November 16, 2001: Space & War * Students Talk to Expedition 3 Crew * Commerical Spysats & War * Satellite Phone Assistance * GPS & War * Mars Imaging by Students * The Feeling of Being There

November 1, 2001: Students to Control Robotic Telescopes * Listen to Apollo 11 Communications * Mars Stations Need You * Japan Space Solar Power * Leonids Coming Soon * Battle of Space Titans * Armadillo Rocket Video

October 31, 2001: Space Activists to Take a Satellite for a Spin * 2001: A Space Odyssey Returns to the Theaters * Space Frontier Conference * Mars Week 2001 * GPS Art

September 30, 2001: Starshine 3 Brightens the Sky * A0-40 Progress * URGENT! Space Telescope Desperately Needs New Name * Lost Apollo Audio Tape Discovered

September 15, 2001: Amateur Telescope Going to the International Space Station * Man-made Catastrophe Seen from Space * Space Art Finalists Announced by Planetary Society * MirCorp Proposes Commercial Space Station * Satellite Observing Club Opens

August 29, 2001: Student Rocket Teams Launch Reusables * Kennedy's Moon Race Left an Empty Space * Amateur Astronomer Discovers Comet During Star Party * See the Action from Above * Students Given Cheap Access to Edge of Space * Planet Wide Dust Storms: Catch the Latest Mars Weather Reports * First Geocaching, Now Geodashing

August 14 , 2001: Chandra Multimedia Goodies * It's Natural: A Boy Band for Space * Russian and ISS Partners agree on Tourist Rules * What's That Thing Up There Called Again? * Become a Space Ambassader * Run It Up the Lunar Flagpole and See Who Salutes * Moon Movie Madness

July 31, 2001: Rocket Racers at the Starting Line * Activists Push Space Legislation * Devon Island Mars Habitat Webcams Now Online * Heavens Above Expands * Gemini 6: First Space Jam?

July 16, 2001: Solar Sail to Fly this Week * The Mars Bizarre * Armadillo Rockets Along * Private Moon Mission Gets Some Attention * Amateurs Spot a Sly Spysat * Immerse Yourself in Space

July 2, 2001: Watch the Mars Colony on Earth * Mr. Tito Goes to Washington * The Next Space Tourist? * Survive for Space * Rock the Station * Vangelis Celebrates Mars Mission * Space Business for Consumers - To Space in Small Steps

Amateur rocketeers continue assaults on altitude records. Though no team won the. ..more
eSpaceTickets.com announces website contest to commemorate UN World Space Week..more
Dennis Tito launches a new paradigm. Space tourism is an oxymoron no more. A private..more
Gamester becomes rocketeer. John Carmack, a co-founder of Id Software and a key ...more
Zoom in on earth landmarks. In commemoration of Earth Day, remote sensing scientists..more

Mars Society developing a global communications system. The Australian chapter of ....more
Volunteers selected for arctic Mars base.
Over 250 people responded to the Mars ....more
Expedition to watch Mir's skydive. Passengers on the Mir Reentry Expedition will ride a...more
Space activist solar sail to fly this year. The Planetary Society and Cosmos Studios ..more
A Sat in Your Coke Can.
University students from US and Japan were challenged to fi ..more
Students spot Mars anomaly. The Planetary Society's Red Rover program selected .....more

Buy a piece of the rock. Mars and Moon rock that is. You can obtain samples of these ...more
Party for space and Yuri! Yuri's Night: The World Space Party, in celebration of the 40th..more
Win a space ride for your art. Two contests to send artwork into space have been ...more
Going to Mars as von Braun and Bonestell intended.
Using advanced 3D graphics ...more
Making first ham radio contact with the Space Station.
Students at Luther Burbank ...more

GEOCaching -treasure hunting on a global scale. Use a GPS navigator to locate caches...more
2001-A Reflection. With the coming of 2001, there have appeared the inevitable ...more
HobbySpace Celebrates Second Anniversary! HobbySpace first came on line Jan.7, 1999..more


Volunteer for Mars crater survey. NASA's Clickworkers is an experimental program...more
Student spacecraft to orbit and to Mars
. Students can now build a lowcost satellite ...more
More Starshine next year. Covered with mirrors polished by high school and grammer ...more

The astournaut list grows. Seven flights to the ISS have been reserved with a $7.5M..more
2-Way satellite broadband goes online.
StarBand Communications began offering ..more
Volunteers needed for Mars colony (on earth). The Mars Society is calling for volunteers more
Space hams open for business. The crew on the ISS has successfully commissioned ...more
Christmas shop and support space exploration at same time. By going to your favorite ...more

The most ambitious amateur satellite ever awaits launch.The 600kg Phase 3D satellite .more
CATS competitors fall short
The race to be the first amateur rocket team to send a 2kg.more

A Soyuz capsule under your Christmas Tree?
The Russian Soyuz TM-26 Capsule ..more
Build your own Aurora Alarm. Mark Haun's website describes his automatic Northern ..more
A chance to send a drawing into space. The European Space Agency is sponsoring a ..more

James Cameron, director of 'Titanic', may go to Mir. He has passed medical tests at ..more
GlobeXplorer offers hi-res satellite images to the public. With a 12 terabyte database..more
Europe opens a student satellite initiative. The SSETI - Student Space Exploration & ..more
High-Definition TV prepared for launch broadcasts. The Dreamtime company will ..more
Ham radio equipment delivered to the Space Station. Following the Mir and Shuttle more
HobbySpace Status - Sept.21.2000
Survive Russian Space Camp and Go To Space
. The Survivor TV program has signed a ..more
ch the Space Station passing by. The ISS has become one of the brightest objects in..more

Mars Station in the Arctic going online. The Mars Society now has Discovery.com, ..more
Russian commercial spysat opens for business
. Sovinformsputnik now competes with ..more
Rocket Guy to blast off next year on a hydrogen peroxide rocket . Brian Walker is a ..more
Space tourist to visit Mir . The Wall Street Journal revealed today plans of a rich.more
RadioShack sponsors lunar rover. LunaCorp has announced that RadioShack will be a.more
SkyCorp to fly an Apple Macintosh G4 computer in an experimental satellite next year..more

Dreamtime to Open Space Station Media Center.In an agreement with NASA...more
Lunar business rising
. LunarCorp expected to announce funding from a major .. more
Perhaps amateur satellite builders will go lunar as well. Following in the Amsat ...more
Help Name the Craters on Eros! - the NEAR spacecraft is currently orbiting the asteroid.more
Space Tourism starts in a Mig. A recent article in the LA Times reports that the ..more

High school students remotely control rover in desert trial of Mars prototype. Several ..more
Artist Colony on the Space Shore. An Arts module for the International Space Station ..more
Class S*T*A*R*S participate in shuttle experiments. Spacehab created the STARS ..more
Send your profound thoughts into the Solar wind. Your Genesis-Gram will be engraved .more
Graduating class poses for spysat. This year's Air Force Academy graduating class ..more
SETI@home approaches 2 million participants. The organizers originally expected a ..more
The first Internet router in Space was demonstrated in April on the low earth orbiting ..more

Area 51 revealed by public spysats. The Air Force base, known to X-Files viewers ..more
Amateur astronomers become high-energized. There are few areas in astronomy, it seems,more
Mir re-activated by Space activist. Rick Tumlinson of the Space Frontier Foundation ..more British Mars mission will rely on public involvement. The Beagle 2 micro-lander..more

The Mir Hotel & Industrial Park opens for business..MirCorp, a collaboration of ..more
Students photograph the Earth during STS-99. The EarthKam project involves students..more
Rove the Antarctic with Nomad in search of meteorites. Nomad is an ..more
Ham radio picosat successfully launched along with several student satellites more
to build web-base on the Space Station. A $100M commercial ..more

Radio astronomy in your high school. The Radio Jove project at NASA & ..more
Mir recieves private funds. An investment venture, pursuing tourism and ..more
FAS uses commercial spysat to examine North Korean launch site...more
Mars and Beyond
series webcast on new Sci-Fi network. Majel Barrett, ..more


Space broadcasts and webcams expand. Seems that every launch can now be.more
Build your own gravity detector to detect the pull of the Moon and Sun. The..more
If robots can't do the job, send the astronauts. Sign the Mars Petition to.more
The European LunarSat project reaches out to students and the public..more

Artemis Magazine now available. The Artemis Project, which seeks to ..more
offers a space ride for your tokens such as "business cards, .more
Join the party at Planetfest'99! The Planetary Society is holding a 3 day .more
Mars Needs Songs! The Mars Society's music contest is looking for songs to.more
Dole sponsors space tourist contest.The company more famous for pineapples more
Hams to participate in Space activities. Amateur radio enthusiasts have ..more

Watch the Leonids strike Earth and the Moon. The Leonid meteor shower.more
MyHome and Space Island develop space hotel living quarters. The interior.more
Planetary society sponsors Mars microphone naming contest
. The Mars ..more
Amateur astronomers spot Moon mystery. Observations of flashes of light..more
Students build picosatellites for November launch.
The all-female seven..more
An Ariane 5 will carry the Phase 3D amateur satellite into space next..more

Experience Mars colonization via ActiveWorld's virtual universe.The online.more
Art will travel to the surface of Mars in 2003 aboard the European ..more
Christie's sells moon dusty nametag for $310,500 in an auction that sold ..more
Space controversies
,such as humans vs robots, the Space Station, Cassini ..more
Send your name to Mars! Add your name to the CD that will land on the ..more

Final Frontier magazine has been the space publication closest in spirit to..more
A Blur heard on Mars. The rock group Blur is writing a song to be broadcast..more

Track hurricanes at home
. In this busy hurricane season you can follow the..more
MIR cosmonauts soon abandon MIR forever. The Millennium Rock will be in..more

Mars Society approves plans to develop an arctic station in northern..more
James Cameron plans Imax movie & 5-part mini-series about Mars..more
Watch the August 11 solar eclipse broadcasts. If you cannot observe ..more
Space activists battle NASA budget cuts. Science took the brunt of ..more
Everybody is looking for extra-terrestrials in their home. Nearly 1 million ..more

A total solar eclipse will occur on August 11 and be visible in much of ..more
Space off limits for British footballer. The BBC reports that soccer star ..more
Celebrate Space exploration with a joyous sound. Space music is played..more
Space Surfing - the ultimate extreme sport? See the new space recreation.more
More Internet
SpaceCasts are streaming your way. Space events, reports..more

Space riches? Eros asteroid worth $20 trillion in precious metals. Analysis.more
Amateur astronomers save earth from killer asteroid (well, sort of)..more
Cosmic Voyage 2000 contracts SpaceDev for asteroid mission. Digital ..more
Judy Collins commissioned by NASA for song to honor Eileen Collins, the..more
Space Art train begins journey through Northeast US. The Artrain carries.more
Several great new websites for the HobbySpacer have recently appeared.more

The tragic death of Pete Conrad, third man to walk on the Moon, has...more
Help astronomers understand Gamma-Ray Bursts.
Among the most mysterious.more
Check out the Kosovo 3-D flyover movies and photos
from Space Imaging..more
Where were you on July 20, 1969?
With the 30th anniversary of the first.more
Get the latest announcements of celestial events from Sky & Telescopes.more

Full scale simulator built by college students in Kansas City. The USDC..more
Space activists clash over NASA's TransHab
. California Congressman ..more
Wellesley students take microgravity to the classroom. A group of physics.more



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