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Multiple Media Space
Cosmic sights and sounds

Space photos, sound clips, online videos available for downloading, animations, online interactive and virtual reality programs, CDROMs, DVDs, and videotapes are all available from numerous sources on the web.

You can use these resources here to obtain your favorite space photo for your home page or to build your own multimedia presentation. 

NASA has centralize to some degree the access to its multimedia resources. Literally hundreds of thousands of photos of manned space missions reside in the NASA digital archives and several thousand more are added by every shuttle and exploratory mission.

Note that individual NASA mission web sites usually offer galleries of images, animations, etc. There is no guarantee that the general NASA search tools will know about all these images. Many of the ongoing missions, such as the Mars Surveyor, add new images regularly.

There are also several huge archives of planetary and astronomical imagery and also remote sensing images of earth. 

Online access to realtime or near realtime imagery from weather satellites and other remote sensing satellites is becoming increasingly available.

Multiple Media in Space-for-All

Older news items can be found in the archive ...

Space Images

NASA Imagery/Multimedia Resources

Earthrise - Apollo 8
GRIN (Great Images in NASA) NASA archive

NASA PR Multi-Media
Image eXchange
Image search tool at NASA that accesses over 300,000 NASA images: 
"The NASA Image eXchange (NIX) is a web-based search engine for simultaneously searching one or more of NASA's online image and photo collections. Searching is performed using keywords (boolean operators can be employed to refine the search). NIX returns thumbnail sized images, textual descriptions, image numbers, links to higher resolution images, links to more information, and links to the NASA Center that stores each image." - NIX
JSC Digital Image Collection
Text Search
Johnson Space maintains this extensive collection of manned space related photos: 
"..include all cataloged Shuttle mission Earth-looking imagery from the first shuttle mission, STS-1, through the most recently cataloged shuttle mission, STS-76. More missions will be made available as they are cataloged. This collection currently also includes press release images from the manned space program, from Mercury to the present. All press release images (c. 10,000 image files) are currently available." - JSC archive description.
MiX- Marshall image eXchange
Marshall Spaceflight Center set of galleries for space history, the Shuttle, space transporation development projects, the ISS, and others.
Earth from space
NASA maintains this collection of 250,000 images taken of earth from space. Prints can be obtained of the images.  Browser Search
Human Spaceflight Gallery
Lots of images, animations, VR, assembly drawings, etc. related to the NASA human spaceflight programs including the Shuttle and Space Station.

ISS Time-Lapse Videos
Stunning time-lapse videos are being created from images taken of earth from the International Space Station. Here are some examples



Find more at

JPL/Dave Seal's Space LibraryOb
tain JPL artwork of planets, spacecraft, etc. See also the Planetary Surface Renderings for landscapes of the planets.  Quicktime Virtual Reality Animations 3DArtwork
KSC Shuttle Launch Images
All the shuttle missions are included in this image database at Kennedy Space Center.

Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon
This online atlas maintained at JPL is

"...considered the definitive reference manual to the global photographic coverage of the Moon. The images contained within the atlas are excellent for studying lunar morphology because they were obtained at low to moderate Sun angles. This digital archive consists of the complete set of 675 plates contained in Bowker and Hughes. Images in the archive have been enhanced to display the best photo quality possible. For accuracy and usability surface feature information has been improved and updated, and multiple search capabilities added to the database."

Lunar & Planetary Institute
Image resources at the LPI include:

Photo Archive - Dryden
NASA Dryden's gallery

".. contains digitized photos of many of the unique research aircraft flown at what is now known as NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, California. These images date from the 1940s to the present." - Dryden Photo website.

Includes many space and rocketry related projects such as the X-15 and X-38.

Space Team Online Photo/Video Gallery
While not as extensive as some of the NASA archives, this Space Team Online gallery offers a nice selection of videos and images with easy to follow organization. It also offers a number of streaming (RealPlayer) clips including Liftoff to Learning Videos which last up to 34min. Space Station Images ShuttleImages

Ames Image Archive
Archive of NASA images in all areas of the agency's projects
Stunning NASA Pictures Added to 'AmesNews' Web Site - NASA Ames PR - Apr.1.02

Apollo Photographic Support Data
36,000 photos of the lunar surface taken by the Apollo astronauts are being scanned for high resolution digital images.

Apollo Image Archive
This Arizona State University project is scanning the 36000+ large format (44 inch) photos taken during the Apollo missions.
United Space Alliance Image Library - Photos
The consortium in charge of running the space shuttle program provides this set of shuttle photos.

Unmanned Mission Galleries

The homepages for the individual missions keep galleries of their own in addition to the central NASA galleries. Below are links to many of the NASA space science mission galleries plus other sites that show NASA and other world space agency images.


ESA Galleries

Russia/Soviet Union Galleries

Mars Images -
Marvelous & often really strange

<font size="2">MOC narrow-angle image M01-02950</font>
Oddly regular arrangement
of uniformly sized bolders.
MOC narrow-angle image M01-02950
MOC narrow-angle image M11-04220
Tube structures
MOC narrow-angle image M11-04220

The Mars Global Surveyor and other orbiters have been imaging Mars now for several years. Many areas have been imaged more than once and in different seasons of the Martian year.

A number of controversies have arisen from analyses of the MGS images. Though the Mars rovers have proven that there was surface water present at some point in the past, tremendous arguments will go on for many decades as to how exactly the many marvelous features of Mars were formed..

Among the more than 212 thousand of images from the MGS alone, there are many bizzare features that defy quick explanation. This inevitably leads to "face on Mars" kinds of explanations and even Arthur C. Clarke claims that some of the pictures can only be explained as signs of vegetation. Most certainly, though, they arise from less sensational geologic, weather, and chemical effects. Mars Mirage - TCS: Tech Central Station - Feb.6.04 & War of the Words: Scientist Attacks Alien Claims - Space.com - Mar.15.04

You certainly don't have to accept the extreme interpretations to find the images fascinating and to get an appreciation for just how dynamic and diverse Mars really is. Below are some galleries & articles about these odd images.

More Space Multimedia

Internet Archive
Building a huge archive of NASA videos and imagery.

JAXA Digital Archive
Images and other multimedia from the Japanese space agency.
The Nine Planets by Bill Arnett 
Bill Arnett and SEDS provide this extensive multimedia tour of the solar system planets.

3-D Space Imagery
Resources related to 3-D images of the Mars surface and other places in space.

Planet3D / Mars3D
Using data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) experiment on the Mars Global Surveyor, the Mars 3D program from Adrian Lark creates high resolution global maps of the Mars surface. False color coding reveals details not easily seen in usual maps. The globe can be rotated via mouse control.

The program is free and available for download to Windows machines. It "...renders the whole surface of Mars using data collected by NASA's MGS satellite. The data consists of 1.28 Million height points giving a maximum horizontal spatial resolution of 13Km. The vertical accuracy is to within 5m."

Other views allow one to use simlar datasets for the and Venus.

NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility
These facilities involve an international system of planetary image libraries, which were established in 1977.

These facilities maintain photographic and digital data as well as mission documentation and cartographic data. Each facility's general holding contains images and maps of planets and their satellites taken by solar system exploration spacecraft.

These planetary image facilities are open to the public. The facilities are primarily reference centers for browsing, studying, and selecting lunar and planetary photographic and cartographic materials. Experienced staff can assist scientists, educators, students, media, and the public in ordering materials for their own use. For appointment information and operation hours, contact your nearest facility.

Image facility listings:

Space.com - Virtual Space Tour
An "animated encyclopedia" of the solar system, this tour of the solar system uses Macromedia Flash to present animations, diagrams and photos. A text version also available.
Space Magnifient
A very large and well organized collection of space imagery from both manned spaceflights and unmanned probes as well astronomical telescope imagery of deep space.
Views of the Solar System
Calvin Hamilton's spectacularly extensive site providing a gigantic and well organized of imagery concerning all aspects of solar system exploration.
Virtual Space Museum
The VSM provides photos and VR models of various Russian and Soviet spacecraft.
Windows to the Universe
Huge and elaborate site at the University of Michigan. Among many other offerings, it provides extensive image and multimedia resources on the sun, planets, and deep space.

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP)
Dennis Wingo and Keith Cowing carried out this successful effort to resurrect lunar orbiter data from the 1960s and use it to produce improved images.

More resources
Maps of Planets, Moons, Star Systems

Image Archives

HobbySpace - EyesInTheSky
Earth observation databases listed in this section:

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Astronomy Picture of the Day offers stunningly beautiful pictures submitted from astronomers and other space workers from around the world.
AstroArts Gallery
A Japanese site (in English) that offers lots of astronomy related resources including this section with images of constellations, planets, comets, and more.
Boeing Product Photo Gallery 
Collection of images for Boeing space systems and also all its aviation vehicles.

Center for Earth and Planetary Studies
The National Air & Space Museum supports this center that uses remote sensing techniques to study the earth and planets. See their extensive image archives

Apollo Archive
Kipp Teague's huge site provides lots of images for the Apollo program with separate sections for each mission.

ESA Multimedia Portal
Images, videos, etc from various European missions.

Full Moon
Michael Light used NASA archives to find high quality, super sharp Apollo photos:

"NASA has allowed a selection of 1200 of its master Apollo negatives and transparencies to be taken offsite for electronic scanning, rendering the sharpest images of space that we have yet seen."

Interview at Salon.

MSNBC Images of the Cosmos
MSNBC image archive from Hubble, Galileo, Pathfinder, etc.
ApolloSpace sells photos made from NASA negatives. Selections from the whole space of NASA activities from Mercury through present day.
Mars Imaging Camera - Japan
Japan's ISAS has launched the Nozomi probe (also called Planet-B) to orbit Mars. However, it needed to use the Moon for a boost to reach Mars. It used this opportunity to take images of earth and the Moon with its Mars Imaging camera payload.
Smithsonian Air&Space Collections
The National Air & Space Museum has extensive collection of space images, some now available for online paper print purchase.
OSU -Space Image Libraries
NASA images for educational use reside at this database at Oklahoma State University.
Planetary Image Finders at ARC
A list at Ames Research center of links to planetary photo archives.
Planetary Soceity - Our Solar System
Follow the links to Planetary Society information and images on planets, moons, asteroids, etc.
Jim Scotti's Apollo Page
Scotti provides several 3-D stereoscopic images of the lunar surface created from Apollo photos.
SEDS Image Archive
SEDS provides this very deep archive of NASA spaceflight images and also of many astronomical pictures.
Space.com's SpaceViews
Space.com offers image galleries, wallpaper, etc.

Cool Space Photo Sets
Some collections of space related photos that are particularly vivid and striking:

Other sites

Videos & Animations - Online

The Nine Planets by Bill Arnet
Bill Arnet and SEDS provide this extensive multimedia tour of the solar system planets.
Space Library Animations
See planetary animations at Dave Seal/JPL's Space Library.
Space Movies Cinema
The Space Educators Handbook provides this large collection of NASA videos including Kennedy's speech at Rice university and the first golf shot on the moon.
Other space videos

Real-time/Recent Imagery of the Earth & Sun

  • In Space Now
    Visit the space situation room to find current views of the sun and of the earth and the status of various satellites and space probes over the web.
  • Real-Time Remote Sensing
    See this sub-section of the Satellite Eyes section concerning realtime viewing of remote sensing and weather sate


More Solar:

NASA GHCC Interactive Global Weather Satellite Image Viewer 
Checkout the lastest images from several US weather satellites such as GEOS-8 and GEOS-10. Includes both visible and infrared images.

Space Sounds

Space Sounds
This site is devoted to space generated sounds and has become quite popular. It includes naturally generated sounds as well as speeches and other space related recordings. Check out the navigator, which makes it easy and fun to find clips of various types.

Sven Grahn's Sounds from Space
Long list of space audio clips collected by Sven Grahn who has been monitoring satellite transmissions since Sputnik 1.

Here also Sounds from the first satellites - AMSAT

More sounds

More Space Sound Effects:

Natural Space Sounds

While the hard vacuum of Space does not transmit audible sound, there are still ways that Space makes itself heard .

Occasionally, for example, measurements made by instruments aboard scientific space probes have been converted to audio. These could be as simple as the click-click of particle radiation hits in a Geiger counter or the electromagnetic pickup from an ionized gas, i.e. plasma, experiment.

Radio telescopes also detect unusual noises caused by such phenomena as pulsars and various plasma processes. The Aurora, a result of the interaction of the solar wind with the earths magnetosphere, produces unusual sounds accessible by even simple low frequency radio receivers.

Also, when meteors plow throught the atmosphere the intense heat can produce ion trails that reflect radio wave echoes that are heard by VHF receivers on earth.

The Mars atmosphere is dense enough to transmit sound and a microphone is aboard Mars Polar Lander.

Here are some examples of space sounds:


The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey




Full Moon
Full Moon
Michael Light, Andrew Chaikin - 1999
Amazon: US UK

Michael Light examined thousands of pictures of the Moon taken by the Apollo astronauts. Many of the images had never been widely distributed. He selected those images that truely show the "magnificent desolation" of the lunar landscape.

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