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Space Books & Magazines
Looking for a good space read

Who needs a space elevator when we can reach orbital altitude just by stacking up all those space books written in the past 50 years. Yet, somehow there are still plenty of new good ones going on the stack every day.

Here we present some space magzines, book stores, space book lists, and sites dedicated to special topics such as space collectibles and space history. I also include some miscellaneous titles that I find of particular interest.

Space Book Stores and Publishers

These store sites provide books related to a wide range of space topics. Some sites sell books directly while others just describe the books and refer to another online book stores for purchases.

American Astronautical Society - Univelt Publishing
Univelt is the publisher for the American Astronautical Society. Catalog includes all kinds of hard-to-get space books and conference proceedings in areas such as

"..Mars Exploration, Space Travel, Planetary Missions, JPL, Mission Control, NASA, Astronomy, Astronautics, Science, Astrophysics, Spaceflight dynamics, the History of space research, manned missions, planetary studies, satellite technologies, man-machine interaction, effects of cosmic radiation, colonization, rocketry & rockets, shuttles and space stations, interstellar probes, and much more."

They also publish the proceedings of the Mars society.

Apogee Books
This Canadian press publishes a wide range of space books including a large range of space history books. Recently, it also released the collectors book Space Toys of The 60's.

Willmann-Bell, Inc. Publishers
This publisher specializes in astronomy related subjects. Some of their categories include:

Microcosm - Astronautics Books
Microcosm is a rocket company that has a bookstore on the side (or a bookstore that builds rockets on the side!) The bookstore provides a wide range of space related books and offer several ways to search for the book, author or subject of interest.

Other Space Book Stores & Publishers

Used/Out of Print Space Books

Collect classic space books such as the famous1950's introductory books about spaceflight from Wernher von Braun, Arthur C. Clarke, Willy Ley and others. There are also many technical books of historical interest.

AddALL - Used and Out-of-Print Books
Used and out of print space book search and price comparison among 100,000 booksellers.

Boston Books -Astronomy, Space Science Books
"Used and out-of-print books on spaceflight, aviation, science and technology. We also offer selected historical reprints, as well as biographies on related topics "
Used Book Info
These sites provide info on out of print books. They offer lookups on titles and authors on new, used, rare, and out of print books and give information on their availablity and price:

Space Book Lists & Reviews

These sites provide lists of space books in various categories. Some of these sites also provide links to the major book stores where they can be purchased online.

Books at HobbySpace Space-for-All

Online Books

Samples of Books in Particular Areas


  • Fiction:
  • Turning Point by Douglas Mallette
    • "Turning Point breaks down how space exploration and development can solve many of the key issues we face today in America, such as employment, education, the environment, energy, and international relations. The future of humanity is its exploration of the stars."

Space Art

  • NASA/ART,(Abrams, October; 176 pages; 150 full color illustrations) by Art Program Founder James Dean and Program Curator Bertram Ulrich. Amazon
  • In the Stream of Stars : The Soviet-American Space Art Book
    William K. Hartmann et.al. - 1991 - present a broad sampling of both American and Soviet/Russian space art.
  • Visions of Space
    By David A. Hardy with a forword by Arthur C. Clarke this book traces the history of space art and displays the work of 75 artists. Published by Paper Tiger/Dragon's World.
  • Hardyware: The Art of David A. Hardy
  • The Art of Chesley Bonestell
    By Ron Miller and Frederick C. Durant
  • Apollo: An Eyewitness Account by Astronaut/Explorer Artist/MoonWalker
    Alan Bean with Andrew Chaikin.
  • See also the Space Art section.
Space Books for Young People


Space Collectibles

Relics of the Space Race by Russell Still
Now in its 2nd ed., this book gives a history of the space program in the first half of the book and then the second half provides a guide to space collectibles. 251 pages, softcover, PR Products, Roswell, Ga. Review at Science Book Board.

Robbins Medallions: Fact and Fiction by Howard Weinberge
History of the gold and silver commemorative mediallions produced by the Robbins Company for all astronauts from Apollo 7 to the shuttle flights. The medallions were flown as mementos by the astronauts and then kept as souveniers for family and friends.

The existence of the medallions was not publicized by NASA. Howard Weinberge offers the first complete history of the medallions and corrects various myths about them.

Space History

Space Models

Rockets of the World - A Modeler's Guide
Peter Alway's book with lots of data on over 200 rockets with design and scale information. Other Alway books at Saturn Press.

Spaceship Handbook
This book is devoted primarily to sci-fi spaceshop modelling.

Scale Spacecraft Modelling
Matt Irvine's encyclopedia on Space Models is described here on his SmallSpace website.

Space Radio

AMSAT Book Catalog
Then AMSAT_NA offers items books to amateur satellites and space radio.

Space Business

Check the Bookstore at SpaceBusiness.com, sponsored by the International Space Business Council, for books related to space commerce, industry studies, etc.


How To Make Amateur Rockets - 2nd Edition
Advanced rocketry by John Wickman, a NASA contractor and long time rocket designer. The privately published work comes with a video as well and can be bought at his Amazon zshop.

Rocketry Online, one of the largest rocketry sites, provides this long list of books of interest to amateur rocketeers.

Space Magazines

There exist only a few magazines aimed at the general public about space exploration and development. They are mostly affiliated with space activist organizations, usually published bi-monthly or quarterly, and none are very large. (See About HobbySpace for the local explanation for this.)

Nevertheless, the magazines listed below provide lots of great articles, news updates, historical data, and more on government and commercial space projects. The activist affiliated magazines also give updates on what's happening with the organizations.

Spaceflight Magazine
Published monthly by the British Interplanetary Society
(10k+ members)

Great magazine for the space buff. Includes news updates, detailed day-by-day descriptions of recent shuttle flights and ISS logs, lots of space history, and more. Level ranges from general to semi-technical.

Occasionally found at the larger newsstands in Europe but seldom in the US. Some university aerospace libraries carry it.

Subscription comes with BIS membership.

BIS also offers the technical refereed journal: JBIS. More info at Journal of the British Interplanetary Society - Wikipedia

The site now allows you to Join the BIS online.

L5 News

Archive of the magazine of the L5 Society space colonization group from 1975-1987 when they merged with the National Space Society

Ad Astra
Ad Astra
Published quarterly by the National Space Society
(24k+ members)

The NSS is dedicated to creating a "space faring society", so the magazine empahsizes topics related to human spaceflight. Each issue typically follows a given theme, e.g. space tourism, with several articles by different authors. The level is non-technical.

Subscription comes with membership.

Online application available.

All About Space Magazine
All About Space
"All About Space delves into the wonders of space exploration, astronomy and space science every month, providing in-depth knowledge from a team of experts on an amazing array of topics. The magazine is unlike any other, and will appeal to seasoned space fans and new explorers alike, with a regular dose of amazing articles, exclusive interviews and jaw-dropping images that will make each issue simply unmissable. The magazine also features a regular stargazing section that aims to make astronomy accessible to everyone, with a host of instruction articles from how to buy a telescope to finding objects in the night sky."

To the Stars Int. Quarterly
To the Stars International Quarterly
"a free quarterly online magazine for space-interested and space-enthused people around the globe. This free publication is especially dedicated to students and teachers interested in space."

RocketSTEM Magazine
Inspiring the next generation of dreamers

Space oriented magazine aiming to inspire young people to pursue studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
Space Lifestyle Magazine
Space Lifestyle Magazine
Quarterly started in 2007 by Newforks LLC. Discontinued but archive issues available on line.
Space Industry News

Room, The Space Journal

"ROOM is a space magazine for an international, modern, forward-thinking audience. Our authors report directly from the heart of the matter - they are experts, aerospace industry leaders and scientists from all over the world. At ROOM, we share a common dream - promotion of peaceful exploration of space for the benefit of humankind, all while bringing you incisive articles on a variety of trending topics, from the latest breakthroughs in astronautics to the environmental challenges of exploring space, from security threats originating in space to the untold history behind famous space missions"

World Space Magazines

French space magazine

Novosti-Kosmonavtiki - Russian space magazine

Voyage Magazine: A Journey of Learning Through Space
for students age 10-14.
Published by the British Interplanetary Society

published by the British National Space Center.

Raumfahrt Concret
Raumfahrt Concret
German space magazine

Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Politics & Policy - an academic journal dealing with various aspects of space policy.

Moon Miners Manifesto
Moon Miners' Manifesto
Published monthly by
The Moon Society
(+700 subscribers)
20-25 pages

A newsletter that deals with "the opening of the Lunar frontier, suggesting how pioneers can make best use of local resources. Some of the points made will relate specifically to pioneer life in the lunar environment." Peter Koch has edited MMM since it started in 1986.

Available by membership in the Moon Society.

The Planetary Report
The Planetary Report
Published bi-monthly by the Planetary Society
(100k+ members)

The Planetary Society emphasizes space science but is friendly to human spaceflight. Most articles are science related but presented in a very readable fashion for the layperson.

Subscription comes with membership.

Air and Space Magazine
Smthsonian Air & Space Magazine
This bi-monthly covers both aviation and space topics. The space articles often are historical in nature but many cover current developments.

Amateur Astronomy

Quest - The History of Spaceflight
The History of Spaceflight

A quarterly journal published since 1992 and edited by Dr. David Christopher Arnold.

Dedicated history journal, with articles written by both professional and amateur historians. Issues also include interviews with "key figures and visionaries".

Subscriptions and details available at



The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey



Aviation Week & Space Technology
Amazon: US

High Power Rocketry
Amazon: US 

Created for the adult enthusiast, each issueof High Power Rocketry comes with great model designs and instructionals, reviews of the latest equipment and technology and profiles of the people who share in your love of rocketry.

Air & Space
Amazon: US 

Smithsonian's Air and Space Magazine offers fascinating articles about aviation history, events and personalities.

Analog Science Fiction & Fact
Amazon: US 

Analog Science Fiction and Fact contains compelling, hard-to-put-down futuristic sci-fi stories and scientific features.





Aviation Week & Space Technology
Amazon: US

High Power Rocketry
Amazon: US 

Created for the adult enthusiast, each issueof High Power Rocketry comes with great model designs and instructionals, reviews of the latest equipment and technology and profiles of the people who share in your love of rocketry.

Air & Space
Amazon: US 

Smithsonian's Air and Space Magazine offers fascinating articles about aviation history, events and personalities.

Analog Science Fiction & Fact
Amazon: US 

Analog Science Fiction and Fact contains compelling, hard-to-put-down futuristic sci-fi stories and scientific features.
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