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Going to a blast...

Spaceports are earth's central stations for space transportation. They send vehicles and people into space and even provide landing strips for their return.

While the Kennedy Space Center and the Baykonur Cosmodrome are the most famous, there are now many other active spaceports around the globe.

Purely commercial facilities are the newest trend in spaceports. The boom in telecommunication satellites has driven the demand for faster and easier access to space.

We list here various spaceports and provide information, if available, on whether they allow the public to tour the facilities and observe launches.

Spaceports tend to be situated in very scenic spots that make a visit worthwhile regardless. You can plan a vacation adventure trip to such marvelous places as French Guiana, southern Japan, or Alaska and include a tour of the local spaceport.

Use the schedules here to time your visit for a launch.

A rocket launch remains one of the most impressive spectacles of our time and worth some effort to see. Even small sub-orbital rockets, also called sounding rockets, give an impressive show.

The Kennedy Space Center has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Florida.The visitors center, in fact, now approaches the size of a major amusement park. Buses run frequently to KSC from hotels in Orlando and other popular tourist areas.

Credits: Rune Stave, Andøya Rocket Range.
A sounding rocket launch from Andoya Island in northern Norway.

Time your next Florida vacation to coincide with a shuttle launch. The shuttle schedules have become much more reliable, although weather and mechanical problems still occasionally cause postponements. Also, check the schedules for unmanned launches which now occur about once a month.

Other launch site info is available at

SpacePort News & Recent Articles of Interest

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Online Virtual SpacePort Tours & Info

SpacePort Tours

Launch Schedules
Online launch schedules mostly deal with launches at the major spaceports of orbital vehicles.

Information on sounding rocket launches usually can be obtained from the web sites of the particular spaceport in question or by calling their public information offices. Also, often a group whose payload is being launched will put schedule announcements on their own pages.

  • Launch Schedules & Logs
    All links related to launch schedules and logs of past launches are listed on this news page. See also the SpaceCast page for online launch broadcast links.


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