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What's New?
Archive of site changes in 2000

Recent additions and modifications to the HobbySpace web site.
(This does not include new space links and "articles of interest" added
to various sections. These are added too frequently to keep up with here.
See the Web Headlines section for new articles.)

WhatsNew Archive for 1999

December 21, 2000

EyesInTheSky - entry for Earthrise at Space.com.
Future - an new section on other speculative space activies such as rocket racing.

December 18, 2000

EyesInTheSky - entry for Imaging International.
Simulators - spacesuit replicas
SpacePorting - split the section into 3 smaller pages.
Space Science - added Clickerworkers and the LPL Outreach program.

December 13, 2000

Carried out a survey of all links in the site. Fixed or eliminated several hundred bad links. The total number of external links at HobbySpace now number around 10,000.

December 11, 2000

Simulators - ASR's online lunar lander program.

December 6, 2000

GPS - created a new section devoted to GPS.
Space Science - split off Space Science from the Astronomy page.

December 1, 2000

Links - split off a new page for the other link lists and also created a new Web Headlines page.
Rocketry - added aRocket Web.

November 24, 2000

Art - added Mark A. Garlick to artist list.
History - Memoirs of an Engineer added to the personal space histories.

November 20, 2000

Models - Expanded the sub-section on paper (card) modeling.

November 17, 2000

Investing - added a sub-section dealing with space brokers.
LivingSpace - links to satellite charts.

November 15, 2000

Tourism - ESA's parabolic flight campaigns.

November 7, 2000

Radio - added Eavesdroppers ISS site.
- added a Linux Hamradio software library link.

November 4, 2000

Links - reorganized the links section, including a split off of a new Space Systems page from the previous Launch, Propulsion & Spaceflight Systems page.
Music - added a new page for extended song list.

November 2, 2000

Investing - added E-Sax satellite services exchange market.
Rocketry - added Essence's Rocket Reviews.

October 30, 2000

Movies - entry for The Red Stuff.
Space Science - added Mark Haun's Aurora Alarm.

October 22, 2000

Games - corrected entry for 6 Billion™.
Models - free Hyper-X paper cutout model.

October 11, 2000

SpaceLife - added RedColony.com .

October 4, 2000

Multimedia - added entries for the multimedia search tools MediaGrab! and LiveWire!

September 30, 2000

EyesInTheSky - entry for GlobeXplorer,inc.
Satellite Building - entry for SSETI

September 29, 2000

Multimedia - Space sounds page from Sven Grahn.
Music - added an entry on the LifeTron music projects.

September 22, 2000

Radio - corrected some links related to amateur radio communications with the International space station and to the shuttles.

September 21, 2000

HobbySpace Status : As mentioned earlier , my wife and I moved to the US in July from Sweden . Maintaining HobbySpace, which is a one person sideline, has unfortunately had to take a lower priority to that of creating a new household more or less from scratch.

Buying an apartment, a car, furniture, etc. has absorbed most of my time (and our money!) I have had to surf the aisles of hardware stores for material to remodel our kitchen instead of checking out space sites on the web!

A local telephone strike also left us without phone service for 40 days and nights. While I've occasionally had opportunities to make modest updates to the site by borrowing computers of friends and relatives, many of the pages, especially the news sections, have suffered from neglect.

However, I expect soon ( i.e. when the kitchen is finished!) to get back to regular, frequent updates now that we are finally connected. (Several more weeks, unfortunately, till we get a fast ADSL link.)

I have many ideas for new additions and improvements to HobbySpace. I hope that you will continue to visit this site and that each time you will find exciting news and information about Space hobbies and activites.


Collecting - a site dealing with souvenirs of the Chinese space program.

September 8, 2000

Movies - split the section into two pages.
Satellite Watching - added FlareFinder.
Tourism - eSpaceTickets added to space tourist contest sub-section.

August 21, 2000

Multimedia - entry for Space.com' Virtual Space tour.
Space Resources - new sub-section with a list of aerospace conference calendars

August 5, 2000

Art - added Donald Davis and ZolArt.
Multimedia - section on RocketCams.
SpaceCasts - removed the SpaceWatch links, added Space.Com Space TV which bought out SpaceWatch.

July 24, 2000

Activism - added the Lunar Explorers Society.
Multimedia - 2MASS infrared archive, Spaceref image database.
Satellite Watching - added info on observing the International Space Station.

July 6, 2000

Note: My wife and I are moving to Maryland from Stockholm tomorrow. So HobbySpace will be updated intermittently at best for the next month or so until we get settled and I get back on-line. Please continue to check back occasionally and let me know if you have suggestions and/or criticisms about HobbySpace. - Clark

June 27, 2000

EyesInTheSky - entry for Geography Network.
Radio - new section on amateurs receiving signals from sources outside of earth orbit.
Tourism - reorganized the pages and added a subsection on adventure travel agencies that offer space related packages.

June 25 , 2000

Astronomy - Entry for the Mars Society arctic station project.
Games - added ESA Outreach games page.
Tourism - ESA student parabolic flight program.

June 20, 2000

EyesInTheSky - entry for Sovinformsputnik commerical spysat images.
Investing - entry in consultants section for Andrews Space & Technology.
Tourism - Space Tourism Society in resources section.

June 11, 2000

LivingSpace - new section devoted to realtime imagery and data from current space projects and events.
Music - entries for Astronomy Radio and bands Orion Syndrome and Starbirth.
Multimedia - added Space Magnificent and Windows to the Universe.
SoftwareOnline - Jason project spacecraft design program.
Tourism - Rand Simberg's Space Tourism report added.

June 8, 2000

Art - added David Hardy to the featured artists section and added a Gallery page.

June 5, 2000

EyesInTheSky - Open Source Remote Sensing entry.
Investing - entry for Dreamtime
SoftwareOnline - Astronomy Workshop has lots of online programs that demonstrate and teach all sorts of astronomy related concepts.

May 31, 2000

Space TV - created a new section devoted to space TV programs, particularly those based on near term, realistic technology scenarios.
SciTech - added a new page in the links section that holds links to miscellaneous science and technology sites of interest.

May 29, 2000

Models - New Ware and ncphobbies added.
Simulators -Space Academy GX-1 entry.
SolarSciFi - alternative sci-fi world - Space:1889.

May 24, 2000

Carried out another check of all the external links (over 8600) to correct or eliminate the bad ones.

Activism - added the Society for International Space Cooperation.
SpaceCasts - added SpaceTV and Earth&Galaxy to the list of webcast space shows.
SoftwareOffline - entry for the Mars3D high-res mapping of Mars.

May 2, 2000

Art - added SPAACSE group to the association section.
Rocketry - Millennium Academy's online courses in computer drafting with emphasis on rocket design.
SpaceCamping -entry for the National Spaceflight Training Center.
Tourism - Genesis Grams added

April 22, 2000

Astronomy - Planetary Studies Foundation added.
Contests - Eggs Prize.
EyesInTheSky - entries for NASA's Earth Observatory and TERRA programs.
Rocketry - George Gassaway's rocketry and shuttle model pages, also Astrosaint.
SETI - added entry for the 1hT project.
SpaceCasts - White Pines NASA showcase with CU-SeeMe video.

April 21, 2000

For the past couple of days a big sweep of bad external links was made using a Java link checking program that I wrote (this will be available as shareware soon for those of you who are maintaining sites with lots of links.)

HobbySpace now has over 8500 links accumulated over several years and almost 10% were dead or timing out. Now most of these are either fixed or removed.

Bad links can never be reduced to 0 since at a given time there are always pages being moved or servers out of action. For example, the Planetary Society site was recently vandalized by hackers and its site has been down for several weeks. HobbySpace has dozens of links to their site. These will be left in place, however, in hope that all the pages will be restored. - Clark

April 14, 2000

SoftwareOnline - moon's phase program "Phaser" at Spaceday.
EyesInTheSky - entry for the NOAA National Virtual Data online store.
SpacePorts - entry for Spaceline which holds lots of info about Canaveral. Also, added an entry for Canada.
SpaceScience - IMAGE satellite project.

Made a big cleanup of bad relative links among the pages. Now working on bad external links.

April 4, 2000

SpaceCasts -entry for three European broadcasters of space related events.
TVRO -Frank Kennedy's TVRO site

March 27, 2000

EyesInTheSky - some entrys for astronomy programs.
Simulators -some info on Space add-ons to MS flight simulator.

March 14, 2000

Contests -Mars Society's contests.
Rocketry - JP Le Rouizic's rocketry site with online programs.
Tourism - Bentspace added.

February 19, 2000

Astronomy - several entries to AstroArts astronomy sections.
History - new sub-section on Apollo equipment sites.
Investing - new sub-section on Direct-to-home internet services.
Rocketry - Canyon Space Team added to advanced rocketry section.
SoftwareOffline - AstroArts simulators
SoftwareOnline - reproduce same section on Interactive/VR sites in Multimedia.

February 18, 2000

Tourism - entry for MirCorp that is commercializing the Mir Space Station.

February 14, 2000

MultiMedia - NYT's interactive pages.
EyesInTheSky - NRL meteorlogical division.

February 10, 2000

Art - started a sub-section on astronomy observation sketching.
Simulators - entry on Interworlds collaborative solar sail simulation program.

February 5, 2000

Activism - expanded entry about NASA spinoffs and commercialization. Added Apollo Society to front page list of U.S. organizations.
Collecting - an entry about the Rocket mail project.
Investing - reorganized and split into two pages.
Music - entry about the Telstar theme.

February 3, 2000

Contests - young illustrators contest.
Software Online - Design a Space Station program from CosmicQuest
MultiMedia - Intellicast solar images.

January 27, 2000

History - organized a Lunar Module subsection. Added Paul Fjeld's LM data page.
Investing - Added Microcom Systems and Phillips to the consultant & info section.
Models - Added Paul Fjeld's LM data page.
Radio - entry on the Radio Jove radio astronomy education project.

January 22, 2000

Activism - FINDS group in US organizations.
Collecting - added NASA phone cards
History - Lowell Wood's space plans.
Investing - ITA added to microgravity businesses.
Models - Little Shop of Hobbies added to stores list.
Radio - entry about the Kettering Group.

January 20, 2000

Games - added the BNBG - 6 Billion board game.
Rocketry - added Robert Braeunig's Space & Technology site
SpacePorts - added links to Mark Wades pages on Russian spaceports

January 14, 2000

Art - added sub-category on Mars related galleries.
SolarSciFi - Moved space TV from the Movies section.
SpaceCasts -entry for the Cyber Sci-Fi interenet broadcaster.

January 12, 2000

Games - Added link to collectSpace's monthly memoribilia game.
Movies - added entry about the documentary "For All Mankind".

Update to RLV News

WhatsNew Archive for 1999






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