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Space Education
Space for learning

EarthKam Image of the Mississippi River
Photo of the Mississippi River taken by middle school students
with the EarthKam during a Space Shuttle flight. The camera is
now based permanently on the International Space Station. Students
can control the camera over the Internet.

This section provides links to resources on the net related to space education. The resources range from online courses to NASA outreach programs.

HobbySpace is itself a space education site and hopes to provide students with lots of resources for homework and projects.

HobbySpace also emphasizes space related hobbies and activities that individuals can also do independently of school, government or industry.

However, to carry out those activities, you often need to educate yourself in particular areas. So this page will try to help you find sites that can help with your studies such as tutorials, online books, and even full-fledge on line courses.

The enormity of the range of space education resources on the net is truely daunting. One could easily create a site as large as all of HobbySpace just to categorize properly the incredible diversity and number of space education sites.

So this section can only provide a small sampling of what's available. Many of the linked sites will have space education link lists as well. If you don't find here exactly the resource you are searching for, follow links that are related to your topic of interest and perhaps link lists at those sites will in turn lead you to your goal.

Space Education News at

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Space Education News Sites

Space Education at HobbySpace

All the sections at HobbySpace involve education but those listed below can be of particular interest to students and teachers:

  • Astronomy - astronomy is one of the most popular sciences and there are many, many astronomy education related sites on the web.
    • Astronomy for Young People - list of astronomy sites aimed for kids.
    • Robotic Telescopes have recently become available for students to propose and carry out actual observations via the Internet on large, professional telescopes.
  • Contests - many of the contests listed here are aimed at student participants.
  • Games - many space games are both fun and educational.
  • History - lots of resources for students studying the history of rocketry, space exploration, and the politics surrounding them.
    • History Topics - a selection of interesting events and periods of significance in space history.
  • Living Space - links to sites that display imagery and other data as it arrives from spacecraft currently in orbit. Most of the science spacecraft projects offer elaborate outreach projects to involve students.
  • Multimedia - lots of media resources for exploring space: images galleries, Virtual Reality tours of space stations and the shuttle, CDROM and DVD space disks, and more.
  • MusicSpace - nothing can catch the attention of young people like music and there are many space inspired songs and compositions in virtually every music style. Furthermore, the Space Music for Young People section discusses music directly intended to teach kids about space.
  • Near Space - high altitude balloons offer a very low cost alternative to rocket launches for reaching space-like conditions above most of the atmosphere. This section provides information on how educators and students, along with amateur radio enthusiasts, are utilizing our space shoreline.
  • RadioSpace - involvement with space radio projects such as scanning for satellite signals provides a tremendous learning experience.
  • Rocketry - model rocketry for kids is safe and very exciting way for young people to learn about science and engineering. High power and advanced rocketry provide lifelong learning challenges.
  • Satellite Building - AMSATs and student satellite projects provide direct hands-on experience in space engineering.
  • Satellite Watching - observing and photographing spacecraft passing overhead will fascinate students of all ages.
  • SETI - projects like SETI@Home let students and the general public become directly involved with the search of extraterrestrials.
  • Simulators - one of the most fun ways to learn about piloting spacecraft is to "fly" a simulator on a computer or a full-size replica in hardware.
  • Software: Online & Offline - lots of programs related to space and astronomy.
  • SpaceCamping - tens of thousands of students have spent several days at the original Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama experiencing a bit of what real astronauts go through to train for space.
  • Space Science - amateur groups like the Mars Society are carrying our sophisticated ground simulations to develop techniques for space exploration. NASA requires that all space science spacecraft groups provide outreach programs to involve students with the projects.
  • SpacePorts - go to the Kennedy Space Center and other spaceports around the world to see launches and spacecraft under preparation for launch.
  • More Educational Resources::
Space Education Programs
Sports in Space
Sport activities in space can be used to interest young people in space and to teach physics and other topics.

Young Students (K-6)
Teenage Students
NASA Education

NASA provides an enormous number of space education related sites. Apparently, almost every NASA department must provide some public education resources.

Note also that NASA requires that all space science spacecraft projects provide outreach programs to involve students with the projects. This includes all the university collaborators on the projects as well. See the Living Space section for lists of current NASA spacecraft projects.


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