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What's New?

Recent major additions and modifications to the HobbySpace web site.

This does not include new space links and links to News and articles of interest added
to various sections. These are added too frequently to keep up with here.
See the Web Headlines section for links to new articles.

November 18, 2008

Over past few months I've run my link checking program on all of the primary sections (no archive pages) to either fix or eliminate bad links depending on whether I could locate a page or site that had moved.

Bad links that don't give the famous 404 or similar type of error message remain scattered through the site but I think most of the links should now be working OK. Unfortunately, it is common for web sites to break links without giving a pointer to a new page or for entire sites to disappear. So gradually more and more bad links will appear again over time.

September 15, 2005

In the past two weeks I eplaced the static RLV News and Space Log pages with dynamically generated weblogs using the Nucleus software. [Later replaced with a Wordpress blog]

September 3, 2005

Big revamp of the web site plus a move to a new hosting service.

January 11 , 2005

When I began making daily updates to the Space Log and RLV News pages, I stopped making entries to What's New. I report on those pages any new articles, interviews, site modifications, etc. and so this page became highly redundant. Also, I just don't have time to maintain so many pages.

I've left this page here, however, to provide links to the archived What's New pages and for the possibility that I may someday resume updating it to report on major changes to the web site.


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