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Online Space Software
Web trek ...
Space related programs on the web range from games to satellite trackers to space colonization simulations.

Space Post Cards & Greeting Cards
Send space greeing cards over the internet to friends, family, and colleagues.
Chandra X-Ray Telescope eCards Hubble Telescope Holiday Cards
Webwinds E-cards Electronic Postcards:
Astronomy, Outer Space
SPACE.com - Space Postcards
Stardatecards.com -
Sending Messages to the Universe!
Space Weather Center eCards
Free space e-cards - Wicked Moon Yuri PostCards
NASA - Holiday Greegfcaltings to The ISS Crew

Related resources:

Fun Programs
Alpha Centauri's Space On The Internet
Online planetarium, IPIX tours of space shuttle and the space station at this site.
Apollo Lunar Lander from Contact Light
Try to land the Apollo spacecraft on the moon without crashing.
Apollo Lunar Landing Guidance & Control
Ron Noteborn's provides lots of fascinating details about the lunar landing system and includes several interactive applets.
Arty the part time Astronaut
This site, in support of a childrens' book, uses ShockWave plug-ins for a

"...children's interactive adventure though our solar system. Guide Arty and his alien friend Greg to the many sites of our solar system. A site for the young Astronomer."

Design a Space Station
The CosmicQuest site provided by The Children's Museum of Indianapolis , offers this online interactive program to design an orbiting space station.
Peace in Space / Guardians.com
Lots of fun games and interactive programs. Try the collecting space trash Shockwave games.
Solar System Coloring Book
Windows on the Universe offers this nicely made Java program in which you choose a planet, moon or the sun and paint in the colors.

Your Weight On Other Worlds
Exploratorium offers this online calculator for your weight on other planets and moons.

YPOP Learning Classroom
Online programs and demos related to solar images
More programs

Online Interactive & Virtual Reality Programs

Related HobbySpace Sections

An online virtual reality universe that has grown to involve hundreds of thousands of users with over 1000 unique worlds.
Included in this VR universe is a whole Mars world with spaceports and colonies.

"Originally designed in 1997 as a demo project for NASA, the virtual world Mars has been open for colonization by Active Worlds' residents since 1998; and is one of the more popular hang outs for adventurous humans and extra-terrestrials alike." - Mars tour homepage.

The independent site Elysium Mars gives overview of the Mars world, including a map, description of the spaceports, and recommended sites.

AstroArts - Online Simulators
AstroArts is a Japanese site with lots of astronomy related information, links and resources. This page includes several astronomy programs including sunrise/sunset calculator, Moon calendar, Planisphere and Orbit viewers for comets & asteroids.

BBC - Solar System
The BBC Online offers a large and sophisticated space site concerning the planets and general space exploration related topics.
Cape Canaveral Air Station Virtual Tour
Tour rocket history at the museum of the Cape Canaveral Air Station.

CNN Multimedia
CNN has a large collection of online interactive space programs including 360 degree panoramas and Virtual Reality.
See, for example, the Sit in the shuttle commander's seat, Hubble visualization and the Mars Sojourner. See also panoramas at the John Glenn IPIX Archive.
City in Space is a big CNN section on the Int. Space Station. Lots of images, videos, 360° panoramas, and VR models.
CNN also maintains a nice site dedicated to the Mars Pathfinder CNN - Destination Mars with several interactive demonstrations.

Earth Observatory - NASA
Very nice educational site about earth observation. The Observation Deck section allows you to build animations showing changes on the earth as since from space over long periods. For example, look at the changes in Vegetation since 1981.
Mars Global Surveyor VRML
See various virtual reality models created by animation for the Mars Global Surveyor.
Int. Space Station Virtual Environment Models
Use VR animations with a VRML plugin to explore the Space Station and its component modules.
MSNBC Space Interactivity
MSNBC, which offers a daily spacenews page, provides several space online interaction programs such as:
The space shuttle’s transporter, International Space Station Model and the Space Gallery, which opens a special viewer with several interactive productions.

New York Times - Exploring the Solar System
These pages at the NYT (free registration to NYT site required) provide lots of info about the planets, the Sun and other components of our solar system. Including are some interactive programs (download of a plug-in needed) that display:

Peace in Space / Guardians.com
As part of the European Guardians of the Millenium projects, this space site offers interactive pages of games, space station simulator, Mars explorer, and more.

National Geographic Interactive Space
Virtual Solar System
- 3-D views in a "fly-by tour of the sun and each planet in its orbit, observe close-up views of the planets, extraterrestrial weather patterns, and more."

Return to Mars : Numerous 3-D panorama simulations of the Mars Pathfinder mission to Mars. 

Roving Mouse: Mars Atlas
Explore the surface of Mars with this interactive atlas.
Solar System Simulator
Great simulator available from JPL that will display all sorts of info about the solar system and the probes sent out to explore it.
The Space Educators Handbook provides NASA stories presented in a Classic Comics style.
Space Library Quicktime Virtual Reality
See these VR panoramas at Dave Seal/JPL's Space Library.

Time/Life Space
History, images, and VR simulations such as the Johnson Space Center QTVR. Use Quicktime VR to explore the JSC mission control rooms, Space Station module, shuttle flight deck and more.

Virtual Space Museum
The VSM provides VR models of various Russian and Soviet spacecraft.

More VR/Interactive

Utility Programs

How Far Is It
This program calculates the distance between any two cities on earth.
Moon applets/ programs
More utility programs & Resources

Educational Programs
Astronomy Workshop
Introductory info and many online programs in astronomy.
Astronomy Programs for Beginners, Orbital Simulations, etc
The Observatory at the Exploratorium
The San Francisco's Exploratorium website offers this section of space related pages included some interactive programs.
Millennial's Solarpop
JAVA space colonization simulator
Modeling the Periodic Table
The NASA Genesis Mission collected particles from the solar wind and returned them to earth. To practice analysis of the chemical composition of the samples, they offered this online program.

NASA Glenn Education - Free Software
The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics at NASA Glenn Research Center offers several applets that demonstrate various aviation and rocketry concepts and technologies:

JP Le Rouzic's Rocketry Site
Le Rouizic provides lots of introductory info on rockets and includes some simulators such as a Rocket Equation Calculator and Rocket Simulator.
Satellite Construction Set
The Tech Museum-Satellite Site provides a whole page of info about satellites including this interactive satellite assembler.

Solar Sail Race
Olivier Boisard's Solar Sails site provides this online solar sail race program as well as other interactive programs.

ESA Ulysses Java Simulation
Simulate the orbit of the Ulysses solar orbiting spacecraft. Also, includes an information panel.

Help analyze actual SETI (Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence) data with your screensaver. More info on the HobbySpace SETI page.

Storm Tracking
  • Tracking The Eye - Hurricane Tracking Software
    This shareware program from GenCode Technologies allows you to track hurricanes in real time using data and satellite imagery downloaded from weather databases on the web. Lots of options, graphics and animation features.

    It runs in standalone mode, i.e. outside of a browser, but needs at least a part-time link to the Internet to work.

    Track your position over any weather map using GPS and monitor severe weather in real-time. Useful for Tornado Chasers.

Orbital Mechanics
These demos teach some of the basics of orbital mechanics:

More Programs
Other Software lists

Online Satellite Tracking Programs & Data
Heavens-Above (previously GSOC Satellite Predictions)
Online Program at German Space Observation Centre is an excellent and easy to use source to obtain the latest information on satellites passing over your location tonight. After providing the program with your location for the first time, you should bookmark the page. The bookmark will then include your location so that clicking on the bookmark will automatically give the satellite data for your position.
Marek Kozubal's Satellite Tracking
Link list for satellite tracking data and programs including telescopic tracking systems.

Human Space Flight (HSF) - Realtime Data
NASA's HSF site provides links to several applets and other resources for online racking of the space shuttles, ISS, and satellites. E.g.
NASA J-Track
  J-Pass Satellite Tracker

NASA Sky Watch
Another NASA Java applet that gives current satellite and International Space Station locations.
Sheela V.Belur's "Interactive Spacecraft Orbit Utilities Page" offers several Javascript utilities such as
Propagate an orbit
, Solve Kepler's Equation, Orbital Elements to State Vector
Alan Pickup's Satellite orbit program

SatPasses - Satellite Passes Over North American Cities
Bester Tracking Systems provides the viewing predictions for several satellites, plus the shuttle when it is up, as seen from a long list of North American cities.

John Walker's Fourmilab Programs
John Walker offers several online and offline (freeware) astronomy programs. See, for example,
Your Sky - get your local sky viewing for your location
Earth and Moon Viewer - see earth and moon at the current moment with terminator
Solar System Live - online orrery

Binary Space
This company builds "state-of-the-art Satellite Telemetry Monitoring & Commanding Systems (TM/TC)". Their SatView™ package has been used for many space projects including Artemis, MARECS-A, ITALSAT-2, etc.

They now offer a real-time satellite tracking plug-in based on Microsoft® Silverlight® 4 that you can check it out for free here. With an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, you select from a big library of spacecraft to track their current locations and to obtain future orbits. They write, It has been developed solely for 'space enthusiasts' and is not intended for use by professionals.They are asking for input on the program including suggestions for what orbit prediction services they should implement.

Orbit Data


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