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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
May 2009
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A discussion of how commercial efforts might dominate human spaceflight by the latter half of the next decade.
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More Interviews, Articles, and Special Topics.
Space Art Spotlight
The Great Moment - Paul Calle  - 1969
The Great Moment

Neil Armstrong - Paul Calle
Neil Armstrong

Atlas Rocket - Paul Calle
Atlas Rocket

Gemini- Paul Calle

Gemini stamp painting 1967 - Paul Calle
Gemini Twin
US stamp painting (1967)


Paul Calle

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Public SETI Activities

SETI@Home is coming up on its 10th anniversary. The project, which is supported by private donations, allows people to use their home computers to participate in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You download a free program that runs in the background as it analyzes data from the giant Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. You can monitor the Statistics section to see how your processing rate, or that of your team, compares to others. Currently there are "140,000 participants and 235,000 computers" running the program.

Recently, SETI@Home initiated a new project called Earth Speaks, which involves the public in the questions of what to say, or not to say, to an extraterrestrial civilisation if the SETI effort is a success. The Earth Speaks project

will invite people to submit online their text messages, pictures, and sounds, as they ponder what they would want to say to an extraterrestrial civilization. Participants for the study will be recruited globally, from all walks of life.

You can look at the messages submitted so far. Alan Boyle reports on the project here: SETI for the masses - Cosmic Log/ - May.26.09.

SETI@home screensaver display
SETI@Home Screensaver

It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

Masten Space Aims for Low Cost Space

Masten Space Systems is a small company in Mojave, California that is developing small Vertical Takefoff, Vertical Landing rocket vehicles for low cost suborbital spaceflight. The goal is to allow anyone from a high school student to a full-time scientist to place payloads on the vehicles for a ride up to 100km or more.

They are very open about their development efforts and post frequent updates on their Blog. The Masten Space gallery on Youtube offers videos of recent rocket engine tests and of flight tests. Also, MSS employee Ben Brockert posts videos on his Youtube gallery.

The firm recently began tests of a new vehicle with a 750lbf engine. Below are a couple of videos of tethered tests.

The fourth flight of the XA-0.1B-750 VTVL rocket vehicle.
Masten Space Systems video.

The fifth flight of Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B-750 single engine rocket vehicle.
Masten Space Systems video.

Check for the latest in leading edge rocket and space travel projects on the Space Transport News blog.

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deep space probes.

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