My space art

I have been drawing as a hobby since I was a graduate student long, long ago. I finally submitted some of my artwork to a show in Washington D.C. at the urging of a friend.  Luckily they accepted two of my color pencil still life works. The opening is on June 25th. See the invite below.

The show prompted me to create a website to display more of my work. In addition to my still lifes,  I have posted a gallery of my NewSpace inspired pieces like this one:


Hope you enjoy my space art show as well as my other works.

Juried Show Announcement Card_800x505

3 thoughts on “My space art”

  1. Congrats Clark, that’s fantastic! Any plans to sell any of them, or do you draw them for yourself? It’s very neat to see Xoie in art.

  2. Thanks, Ben. I will consider the response to my work and decide this summer what to do regarding sales. In principle, I’d like to see all my pieces go off to good homes!

    But before selling the original space artwork, I’d like to do some more and then have a show with all of them together. It would be my visual interpretation of this post-2000 NewSpace period.

    If there is any interest, I will get some limited edition prints made. I could do that fairly quickly.

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