“The Plundering of NASA: an Exposé” by Rick Boozer

Check out astrophysicist Rick Boozer‘s new book, The Plundering of NASA: an Exposé, which I read in draft form. It lays out the mess that NASA human spaceflight policy is in, how it got that way, and how to fix it.

At last, here is a book peering behind the veil of Congressional politics which force NASA to do the bidding of regional interests that cripple the nation’s capabilities in both exploring outer space and exploiting its enormous economic potential. Presenting the opinions of astronauts, prominent “rocket scientists” and space policy analysts while also revealing unpublicized studies conducted by NASA, industry and universities, The Plundering of NASA: An Exposé combines into one book many of the facts the major media have either ignored or not discovered. It relates how honest misconceptions, greed, and an outdated faction within NASA itself cause our nation to get less for its space agency tax dollars than it could and should.

Currently it is available as a Amazon ebook, and in paperback at Lulu.com, where there is a 20% discount until it becomes available in bookstores.

Rick will be on the SpaceVidCast program on July 6 to discuss the book.